It is a time our children will know better.  The sloth and frivolousness we wallowed in left them a world with new players in different positions, where the spotlight has shifted and those that were proud are now desperate .

In this new world, the North American center of political and economic power has moved up across the border, and the relationship between the old and new superpowers is not as warm as it had been before.  What had been a friendly shared resource between the two, the Great Lakes, is now a weak point on the border where unsanctioned trade between the United States and Canada after the war offers a tempting fortune to those that make the run.

And where there’s money to be made in trade, there also be pirates…

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  1. I just started reading this – fun! A pet peeve, if there is global warming, wouldn’t that damage/change the Cuban cigar market, although tobacco is often grown on hills. Jim, good work!

  2. It’s a good point, and one worth expanding on. Throughout time, things of value that are highly prized often get a lot of attention and effort to keep around, even at times beyond when the return on the investment is almost wiped out. Cubanos would certainly fit into this category, as would chocolate and coffee, and as we go along we may well see what was sacrificed to keep these products available, and why…

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