Part 002


Jenny made a few adjustments on the tiller to put the boat’s bow a few degrees to port, keeping an eye on her prey.

The sailboat seemed to offer no resistance to her, not varying speed or course as she got closer to it.  There seemed to be no effort at evasion whatsoever as the boat ripped over the water, closing like a hawk about to break the back of a mouse.

She gave her crew a once-over with a glance.

Charlie was at the bow, lying down, keeping his eyes just above the gunwale and his automatic rifle by his chest.  She didn’t see him shiver, despite the cold pre-dawn air and the spray from the bow kicking droplets into the boat.

Tomo was looking right ahead over the water, avoiding looking over the side.  She put her auto rifle in her lap with one hand holding it down, while she used the other to zip up her jacket.  Her efforts to try and stuff her blonde curls into her hood and keep her head covered were a failure, and after a few seconds she just let the wind blow them off her face.

Dutch was opposite Tomo to starboard, keeping an eye on her.  He half smiled and tried to shift forward on his seat on the keel to try and extend a hand to her, but gave up when he couldn’t reach across the beam to her without holstering his pistol.  He kept looking between her and the sailboat, giving her a sympathetic look when he could.

Georgie knelt down on the centerline of the keel, opening two boxes of shells for the shotgun.  She held up one from each, a slug and a double-ought, to show to Jenny.

“I don’t think we’re going to need slugs,” she replied.

“Why not?” Georgie asked.

“If they’re trying to go quiet with a sail, I’m thinking they’re not going to turn out to secretly be the Canadian navy.  The double-ought should be enough.”

“For the first three, then the rest these,” Georgie said, with the slug raised as she faced Jenny.  Her black hair framed her face like blowback from behind.  “Just in case, it’s better to have something heavy to call up.”

“All right,” Jenny sighed.  “Screw it, but just don’t shoot holes in everything like the last time.”

Georgie went back down to the keel and fed three slugs into the magazine before putting the doubles-oughts before them.  She side-chambered another double-ought in the shotgun before she readied her pistol.

Jenny looked up at the sailboat, which shone even brighter as they got closer to it.  It looked like a pile of pristine snow, making the chill off the water feel sharper.

Before the pile could loom into a mountain, a figure emerged on deck.  Jenny could barely make out the features before she saw the muzzle flash and heard the crack of shots fired…

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All content Copyright © 2011 James Ryan


One Response to “Part 002”

  1. Artie Fournier Says:

    Thanks for the e-mail. Glad to see another adventure starting up.


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