Part 003


Jenny gave the crew a quick look to see if anyone had been hit.  There was no sign that  anyone was hurt;  Tomo was hugging the keel, and Dutch was splayed out over her like a blanket.

“Cut it out, you two,” Jenny called to them.  “When we get back home, you can go for each other then.”

As Dutch got back to his side of the boat, Charlie called out, “Knew I should have gotten that scope when I had a chance.”

“Why?” asked Dutch.  “You can’t hit anything with that at three yards, how you going to do it with a scope?”

“You think it’s a pistol?” Jenny asked.  “Didn’t sound like anything bigger, did it?”

“Yeah,” said Charlie, popping his head up and down every few seconds.  “I think he’s only got a pistol.”

“So much for simple weekend sailors,” said Georgie, as she pulled the shotgun close to her chest.

“Yeah, looks it,” said Jenny.  “Charlie and Tomo to the fore.”

“The front,” Dutch offered to Tomo, who took a position alongside Charlie, one knee down on the forward bench.

Jenny readjusted the craft, pointing the bow towards the sailboat, then adjusting her course to intercept.

“He tries it again,” said Jenny, “rock and roll his ass.”

Both Charlie and Tomo flipped the switches on their rifles to the full auto positions and readied themselves.

When the guy on the sailboat came into sight, Jenny only heard him get off one shot before automatic fire drowned out even the launch’s motor.  Jenny lost sight of the sailboat as the cascade of emptied shells flew off the starboard bow, small dashes glistening in captured dawn light before falling into the water.

When the firing stopped, the launch was close enough that Jenny cut the motor to drift up to her prey.  Within twenty feet of the sailboat, she saw her defender raise his face off the deck, dropping the pistol and waving his hands in surrender.

“Smart move,” she called out as Dutch tossed a hooked line out of the launch to draw the two craft closer together.

The guy on deck scrambled backwards, his back butting into the hatch on the cabin as Tomo and Charlie kept him covered.  Jenny boarded and helped Dutch secure the craft as Georgie boarded with her shotgun trained on the guy.

When Jenny finished, she drew her pistol, leveled it at her captive and asked, “All right, who the hell else you have on board?”

He screamed, as more screams answered from the cabin in a chorus.

And Jenny’s crew raised their weapons…

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All content Copyright © 2011 James Ryan


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