Part 004


“OK, hold it!  Hold it!” Jenny barked to her crew.  “No one fires unless they hear gunshots from the cabin!”

“Oh my God,” said the man from the sailboat, “you’re going to kill us all!”

“Not if you’re f’n’ smart about it,” she replied, her pistol still trained on him as she lowered her voice.  “How many more are on board, and what do they have?”

He stared at her in panic.

“Or we could shoot the crap out of your boat and just pick through the pieces.  Your call.”

“F-f-four.  Me, another guy, two women.  Unarmed, all of us, d-don’t harm them.”

“All of you?” she asked as her eyes landed on his pistol.

“That’s all.  That’s mine; they didn’t even know I brought one.”

“You sound Canadian.  You a Canuck?”

She watched his eyes widen as he considered how to respond.

“Back to the stern,” she commanded him.  “Keep him covered,” she ordered Georgie before she started to kick the hatch

After the screaming in the cabin died down, Jenny called, “Listen, the three of you; just come out one at a time, hands where we can see them, and no one has to get hurt.”

There was nothing coming from inside the cabin.

She chambered a round in her pistol and fired it into the air from right next to the door.  “Next one’s going to put your friend out here into the lake,” she yelled, “and if that doesn’t get you off your asses, we’re coming in with guns blazing.  Now — three!  Tw-”

“All right, all right, all right!” she heard from inside just before the door flew open and the second guy on the sailboat came out, hands up.

“What about the rest of your crew?” she asked him.

“I wanted a hoodie,” said one of the women, wearing it as she came out, hands firmly in the front pockets.

“Cover me,” Jenny commanded Dutch as she thrust her hands into the hoodie’s pockets to clean them out.  Not finding anything but hands there, she pulled her forward and then shoved her towards aft.

Then the other woman came out, barely covered in a sheer teddy, her visible panic putting her at the edge of a scream.

“Just keep it quiet and you’ll be doing us all a favor,” said Jenny, as she motioned with her pistol to move her aft.

The woman in the teddy just kept staring at Jenny.


“Your…your hair…  What color is that?” she asked her as her fear slid away.

“You like it?”

“It’s like- you look like you got hit with a can of red sports car paint.”

“And if you have anything below deck that’s worth crud, I’ll buy one and ask them to deliver it in this color.  Thanks for the tip!”

Her crew laughed as the Canadians looked at them nervously.

“Weekend Canuck sailors?” Dutch asked.

“Guess so,” said Jenny.  “You’d think on a Wednesday you wouldn’t see any, though…”

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All content Copyright © 2011 James Ryan


4 Responses to “Part 004”

  1. Artie Fournier Says:

    Sorry, I don’t care if it’s just bad ass talk by your cast, the word “Canuck” is a deraurgatory slang for ” French Canadian”, which if you look at my name is my Heritage. I am not amused by its use and I take personal offense to its useage under any circumstances. Don’t give me the argument about a certain NHL team having that name. I can’t control the words’ useage, but I surely can protest it.


  2. Artie,

    I can appreciate where you’re coming from. Yes, the term is nasty, and as the story unfolds, you may see where these Buffalonians are coming from in its usage, especially as before the tale starts there was yet one more encounter that didn’t go their way in the long string of engagements going back to Arnold’s 1776 invasion where the Americans came away with nothing to show for it at the end…

    I’m think going forward, I can add this term to a whole host of other “C-words” that would not be appropriate to use… Thanks.

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