Part 005


The crew was still laughing about the Canadians as they came in sight of shore.

“The way the one in the teddy was just asking away about your hair like that,” said Charlie.  “I thought after a while she was going to ask you to come over to Ontario and go with her on a hair appointment.”

“Yeah, that would have been fun,” Jenny replied with a grim head shake.

“Why did she keep going on about that, anyway?”

“Maybe to keep us from thinking about throwing her over the side.  Some people just keep talking when things get out of hand, hoping that that will keep them safe.”

“I’m glad she kept talking,” said Dutch.  “I think she calmed the rest of them down.”

“Made it easier to get in and out,” said Jenny.  “When you end up with two cases of good whiskey, three boxes of Cubanos, two cartons of cigarettes, a fridge full of food and their pads and cells, that’s not a bad haul.”

“I thought the guy with the gun was going to try and play hero,” said Tomo.  “Even after we took the gun and his box of shells, I thought he’d try one more thing.”

“They were stupid,” said Jenny, “but not that dumb.”

“How’re we going to divvy this one up?” Dutch asked.

“The four pads and cells, we can take out the SIMs and sell them at Broadway Market and split that.  We’ll also sell the whiskey, cigs and Cubanos there, and anyone who wants to can claim whatever they want from the food.”

“What is it again, mostly cheese and ham?” asked Georgie.

“I thought I saw a tightpack of sushi, too,” said Dutch.  “Tuna roll.”

“You think it’s real tuna?”

“That’s tough to find even in Toronto, last I heard.”

“Someone want to read the ingredients?” Jenny suggested.

Tomo went into the bag they emptied the galley into and pulled out the package of sushi, keeping the contents insulated and airtight.

“Hmm…” she read aloud.  “Equine extract?”

“Oh God, not pieces of horse!  Get rid of it!” Jenny commanded.

The package flew off to port and skipped on the surface of Lake Erie a few times before Georgie could say, “Wait, what if we just took the label off it and tried to pass it off in a trade?”

“And get skinned alive in Broadway Market?  What are you, nuts?”

Jenny cut the gas on the motor as they came into sight of Lake Shore Road, the dim early morning light hiding from sight the worst of the ruins of abandoned restaurants.

“Tomo and Charlie, get the truck and back her in.  Let’s get the boat hooked and out of the water fast, then get the car and the rest of the booty from Georgie’s place; I want to get to Broadway Market early and get this over already.”


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All content Copyright © 2011 James Ryan


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