Part 007


The West Seneca Crew stopped at the entry to the building to take in their Broadway Market.

The interior of the ex-factory was a bazaar of stands offering to buy and sell just about anything, from large containers off the backs of trucks to bins of small items both prized and forgotten.  Punctuating the sutters ready to swap were merchants of food, flesh and fantasy, bright accents from their LEDs and lights from underneath making landmarks amid the aisles.

“Who looks to be doing business in what?” Jenny asked as she scanned the aisles.

“I see Karl’s here,” said Dutch.  “He’s usually into cigs and cigars, especially Canadian goods.”

“What about the pile of pads and cells, the ones we got today and on the last few raids?”

“There’s Xia’s spot,” Georgie pointed out the large screen running the news coming in through a handheld dish.

“OK, think there’s someone who’ll take all the alcohol in one deal, or we going to need to try the whiskey and the wine and beer from last week in different places?”

“All of it?” Charlie asked.

“Everything we brought; that wasn’t all of it in the trunk, was it?”

“I put aside four cases of beer,” said Tomo.

“Last time there was someone desperate to make a party,” said Dutch, “the guy who wanted wine and anything else.  Think he’s here?”

“If he is, we should find out about why he’s doing so many parties.  That might be a nice sideline there, ain’t it?”

“How you mean, Jenny?”

“You know, raid Crystal Beach for party favors, stuff like that.”

Dutch looked at Jenny for a moment before he replied, “Girl, I have no idea if you’re joking or not, but huh?”

“Just a thought.  But still, everyone, keep your ears open in case something comes up.  Someone says they’re looking for something special or hard-to-get, I want to know and see if we can figure something out.  Let’s start with the hardware,” she said as she started to direct the hand truck towards Xia’s.

They got all of fifteen feet before there was a blare of sound and three members of the crowd broke out two drums and a set of pipes.  Before the West Seneca Crew could avoid it, a fourth member of the band emerged from her long coat in a set of veils anchored to wiry protections of modesty and started her dance right in the middle of the aisle.

“Oh come on!” Jenny barked at the raiding dancer.  “Lemme at least unload something before you start begging, alright?”

The dancer just gave a smile as she cleared the aisle, slowly but suggestively.

“I don’t have time for this crap; c’mon already!”

When the dancer cleared enough aisle space to move, Jenny started the hand truck past the roadblock.

She turned around once past to see who was still distracted by the dancer, and said to the three of them, “Half shares only if you aren’t here in three… two-”
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All content Copyright © 2011 James Ryan


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