Part 010


Jenny grunted slightly as she pulled the comforter around her and Shaun, burrowing closer to him as she did so.  She made sure that every naked part of her that could find as many naked parts of him as possible tickled him enough to get him to stop turning to business…

“Just thinking, you know?”  Shaun said, undeterred.  “Trying to get some sense of the bigger picture.”

She propped herself on her elbows and looked down on his face, concentrating on the sharp eyes framed by his flowing blond hair and unruly beard and mustache.  “What bigger picture?” she asked.

“What did I first tell you when you wanted to join and learn the sweet trade from a working pirate?”

“How much you get turned on by red hair, and wanted to know whether I only dyed my head or-”

“No-no-no!” said Shaun.  “Not that, the other stuff, when it came time for business.”

“You mean the part about how intel is the most important tool that every good pirate needs?”

“That’s my girl.  So, the midweek weekenders; how about them?”

Jenny got up on her knees and pulled the comforter around her.  “Not much more to say, Shaun.  I think I said just about everything when I got here and told you what we did last week.”

“Anything else you might have noted but didn’t say?  Think; younger people, older, what?”

“Um… Younger, yeah, a few years older then me but definitely on the young side.”

“And real concerned about losing the boat?” Shaun asked.  “More than the usual ‘Omigod Pirates!’ type of panic.”

“The guy with the pistol, I think he was more anxious about fending us off.  He was really more concerned, or maybe more sober.  Hard to tell, because we got off in a hurry.”

“Nothing beyond that?  Any little thing you can remember, anything at all.”

Jenny gave a sigh as she replied, “That’s about it.  It was early morning, we caught four people who could have been in college asleep on the boat and…  And that’s what you’re looking for, them being college kids on a boat?”

“Which means…?”

“Which… That maybe there’s going to be a few more out there like that?”

“Because…” Shaun was leading her on.

“They’re all off?”

“Exactly.  And if they’re all off and staying close in to Ontario as opposed to Brazil or Martinique, then…”

“OK, give me a sec,” said Jenny.  “College kids, filling Lake Erie on boats…  OK:  Good news, lots of easy quick loot, especially if the kids are like the ones we found, light armed at best and easily give it up…  Other hand, the Canadian Navy ups patrols when a bunch of their kids lose yachts to pirates, overall opportunities go down…  So, short term gain, but lots of danger.”

“That’s my girl,” said Shaun with a smile as he brought his arms up to take her face.  “I’m so proud of you an-”

He stopped as he tried to frame her face.  His left hand cradled her right cheek, putting her left side against the stump where the hand had been.

She watched his smile die as his eyes stared where his right hand had been.  “God, I didn’t clunk you with that, did I?”

“No, no you didn’t.  Please, don’t get started on ‘Big Bobby’ again and what he did to you; the last time you didn’t stop drinking for five days.”

“Swear to God, if I had both hands and feet I’d strangle and kick him for what he did to me.”

“Maybe he let you live after he chopped those off,” said Jenny as she put herself atop him, “because he knew you’d tear yourself up over that.”

“It’s not because he threatened me with worse I’m still on shore; you know that, right?”

“He said this was a friendly warning from Abe Harker, I know.  And we all agreed that you needed to dial it back a little.”

“Yeah,” he sighed.  “I just wish I could do more than just stay ashore and phone things in to the crew through you.  I just feel so… so…” he waved his stump around.

“Hey,” said Jenny, who grabbed his right wrist and kissed the stump.  “You know, I bet I can find some way to turn this to our advantage,” she said as she guided the limb down her body.


“Well,” she said as she applied the stump to the place it could do the most good, “at least mine…”
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All content Copyright © 2011 James Ryan


2 Responses to “Part 010”

  1. The first 10 pages are a good entrance to the story. Like the world set up (good on using the TV newscast to show current conditions) and the idea of US pirates following the Somali’s example is great.
    You going to market it like Wool on Kobo and Kindle? I’d buy it if I don’t finish it here. I imagine you’re going further than 116 pages.
    Good luck and keep writing.

  2. Thanks for the comments. I am looking at doing an offline version; probably Kindle, though I have a few folk asking for artesian versions (read: paper) because that’s how they roll

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