Part 016


“Oh crap,” Jenny cursed as she watched a wanted rapist making his moves.

“What’s up?” asked Charlie.

Jenny looked at her crew and back at the bar, and started to make a sour face.  “Did anyone else’s beer skunk?”

Tomo and Dutch stared into their beer bottles with wary eyes.

“I’m sorry, but this, this is just too much.  Bad service, lousy singer and now this- I just, just forget it; let’s move on to a better place.”

“You should have it out with the bartender,” Charlie suggested.  “Let him know you got a bad beer.”

“And he’ll do nothing.”

“Hey, it was folks just saying F-it all the time that gave us war with Canada and bad pizza; why let him off the hook so easy?”

“God, man,” said Jenny as she got up, “if this ‘wisdom of my elders’ crap backfires, the next three rounds are yours.”

He smiled and sipped his whiskey sour as she headed for the bar.

She took a spot behind Parker, away from the bartender, who was taking an order from the two women Parker was still showing interest in.  Cupping her hands before her as though biding her time, she typed a text to Russell:



The next two minutes were excruciating, as Jenny waited on the bartender to stop fawning over the two women that Parker was watching like a cat ready to pounce.  She saw her crew at the table, their round finished and looking at her for the sign to shove off.

She checked her cell to see how long had passed since she sent her snitch text and said, “Hey, stop trying to go after them two and c’mere!”

While she was clearly looking at the bartender when she said that, Russell turned with anger and said, “Say wha’ you?”

She rolled her eyes and got out a, “Hey, I-” before he lashed out at her.  She wasn’t sure if it just a push he gave her; the flat of his hand cupped her left breast pretty tight as he shoved her off.

Instinct took over; she turned the beer bottle upside down in her hand and in one smooth swipe connected with the left side of his head.

He was still standing, though teetering with a look of shock.  She didn’t give him any chance to process what happened and tried to kick his knee out, but managed to connect with his shins.

She felt the first sign the situation had gone entirely to hell, before she heard it.  The pellets from the sawed-off shotgun fired from behind the bar came close enough that she watched stray strands of her red-dyed hair twirl away from where they were blown off her head.  The worst of it were the two nipping bites she felt on the edge of her ear; she pressed her fingers there and found her lobe intact but spotting blood where she’d pressed.

When she looked ahead of her, Jenny found Russell and one of the women he’d been interested in on the ground.  Both of them showed nasty damage; she was sickened to see that Russell had taken less.

The shot woman’s companion’s face flushed deep red as she slowly started to turn toward the barkeep, who chambered another round in the sawed-off shotgun…
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All content Copyright © 2011 James Ryan


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