Part 017


Jenny did the math quickly, and the figures added up wrong in the suddenly shifting situation.

She had one broken bottle in her hand, one nervous bartender with a shotgun ready to fire again, two wounded people on the floor, and however many cops Russell was going to bring to arrest the guy on the floor, and probably her if the bartender could have a word with them.

Not good at all.

The woman who wasn’t shot turned to the bartender and sternly barked, “What the HELL was that?  What did you DO that for?”

“Hey, hey,” said Jenny, “that’s the guy with the gun.  Let’s keep that in mind here.”

She turned to Jenny and said, “What are YOU going to do about it? That Godda-”

When she raised her hand to point to the bartender as she insulted him, it went to hell…

He went off just before the gun did, screaming in panic as he pumped a new round into the chamber.

Jenny dropped the bottle and used both hands to grab the woman by the shoulders, pulling her forward away from the blast coming out the barrel.

“C’mon!” she shouted, shifting her grip to the woman’s wrist and dragging her away.  “We got to go!

She felt no resistance as she pulled the woman behind her out the door, around the corner, down a side alley just as the police lightbars started to paint the streets hues of blue and red.

When Jenny stopped and stood up, her companion did likewise.  “Damn,” she said.

“Yeah, ain’t it?”

Tomo turned the corner round the back of the building they were next to, coming into view quickly.  “Hey, you two all right?” he asked them.

“Yeah, we’re good.  I mean we’re not shot; how are you otherwise?” Jenny asked.

She just nodded, then shook her head.  “Kate, back at the bar.”

“Your friend you came in with?  She didn’t look that good; she took a lot of shot when he fired.”

“Aw crap…”

“We can try and find her later,” said Jenny.  “Round here, people when they’re messed up end up at Erie ERC.  You can try and see her there.”

“The cops?”

“What about them?”

“I mean, if she’s in hospital after a shooting, they might be waiting there to talk to anyone from the bar,” she replied

“Oh Geez, what are they looking for you for?”

She didn’t reply.

“Well c’mon then,” said Jenny.  “We’ll get it all sorted out later.  Where’s the car, Tomo?”

“This way,” she led them through the back alley, over a low point on the fence between two houses and out where the car sat.

“Make room,” said Jenny as they got in.

“What the hell?” asked Dutch, who was at the wheel.

“What, I was going to leave her to get shot because of something stupid?” Jenny replied.  “Just get us out of here.  Casual, don’t give the cops anything to go on.”

Dutch drove casually as the other five tried to accommodate each other in the car.

“So now what?” asked Tomo.

“Let me think,” said Jenny, coming up with nothing and trying not to show it…
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All content Copyright © 2011 James Ryan


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