Part 021

Twenty One

The stairs were dark as Jenny led Tia through the door into the house where they were dropped off.

“OK,” said Jenny, “first things first:  We’re on the second floor of this house.  There’s three bedrooms, and we got the back room.  The other two, one’s into whatever she can smoke or inject or rub into her skin that’s current and legal, so she’s not going to be a problem.  The other one, her drug of choice is whatever guy she can find and bring back that night, and if she’s not able to snag someone she’ll play some depressing post-ind crap, or some really old stuff like Yaz or some other old keyboard based group.”

“Like who?” Tia asked.

“Geeze, I’d heard from her Dave Brubeck, Thomas Dolby, Eddie Wiz-Fitz, Vivaldi Twins, a few others.”

“As long as it’s not anyone from the Mississauga Apologists crew, I’ll be good.”

Jenny didn’t bother to ask as she got the key out for the apartment and let them in, slowly navigating the living room in the dark to make it to her room.  She worked the combination lock on her door and let Tia in.

“All I’ve got is the egg crate foam and sleeping bag for me, sorry,” she said as she closed the door behind her, using the lock on the inside to secure the door.

“Not like you’re expecting guests, I take it.”

“Hey, it’s either that, or you share a bed with Georgie, and unless I’m reading things wrong that wasn’t where you wanted to go, am I right?”

Tia sighed.  “With everything that’s happened to me today, if I had to go there tonight I don’t think I’d have been that shocked.”

“Really?  Why?”

“Just that having seen my host blown away by some crazed bartender in a bad dive and being rescued by pirates to boot, that would have just been one more layer of crazy on top of everything else, y’know?”

“Maybe she survived- But then the whole ‘hosting an enemy agent’ thing would be a problem, ain’t it?”

“Yeah, that’d be a problem.”

“Trust me, my floor’s a lot better than Central Lock-Up.”

“So you’ve been locked up, eh?”

Jenny sighed.  “You’re not interviewing me now, are you?”

“Sorry, I guess that’s expected, eh?”

“It’s too damn late, and we got to get up early.”

“For what?” Tia asked.

“Hitting the lake to go after the traders.”

“You make it sound like you’re going fishing for walleyes at dawn.”

Jenny laughed and said, “Yeah, we’re fishing, like they used to before the acid rain and zebra mussels cut the best of the fish out of the lake.  We should just go all old-timey on their asses and dress in bodices and pirate boots when we go after them.”

“So what’s it like to go all pirate on them onLake Erie?”

“Too tired, got to sleep.”

“Aw c’mon, give me a hand here, eh?”

Jenny sighed.  “If you let me sleep, I’ll see what I can do, ‘kay?”

“So I should try and sleep, then, eh?”

“I got books if you can’t.”

Tia looked at the pile of books on the floor.  “Hmm, Treasure Island, Captain Blood, The Sea Hawk,  The Island, Piratica, On Stranger Tides, The Buccaneer, Raging- not familiar with this one-”

“That last one was a better book than it was a movie.”

“Oh…  Oh God, that’s what that is?”

“Help yourself, but we’re getting up early.”

“Am I going out with you, then?”

“Aw geeze…” Jenny muttered as she tried to come up with how to deal with Tia before she drifted off to sleep…

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All content Copyright © 2011 James Ryan


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