Part 027

Twenty Seven

“Georgie’s taking too damn long,” said Tomo as she looked at her cell.  “She should have been out of there a while ago.”

“Relax,” said Jenny, trying not to drum too much on the car’s steering wheel.  “They could be taking their time checking their records.”

“How long can it take to ask the technicians about someone they treated?” Tia asked.  “How long does it take, usually?”

“Well,” said Tomo, “we gave Georige all the right things to ask about, like Kate’s birthday, her bank account info, everything you remembered her telling you that I could suck up off an online search.  She should have everything she needs to ask a few quick questions and get the hell out of there.”

“Wait a minute,” Tia asked, “so if you can pull information from online sources, why didn’t you just check on Kate that way?”

“One, it’s pretty well encrypted to make it take a lot longer to find a way in than it would to send Georgie through the door. And two, the last time I went into their records I got sick trying to find anything; if it was all hard copies it’d be like a pile of papers just shoved into a box.”

“You’d think they’d do a better job with medical records.”

“Like Jenny said,” Tomo replied, “it’s making money that’s first for them.  Financials, bill paying, that’s easy to find, but they put the medical in a separate system that barely speaks to the main core, and the tie-ins between them-”

“Geek out!” Jenny said.

“Yeah, it’s technical,” said Tomo.

“I think I could follow that,” said Tia.

“Then I’ll let you two find some time alone for it,” Jenny said with a flip of her hand.

“She’s not a detail person,” said Tomo.

“But if you’re their leader,” Tia asked, “aren’t you even a little curious how she does what she does?”

“Heard it all already,” said Jenny.  “I get the crash course on data architecture between target practice rounds.”

“It’s a good trade,” said Tomo.  “She gets enough computer cloud meteorology to know what to look for if she needs it, I get to fire off clips in full auto.  Beats the crap out of the last gig.”

“What was that?” Tia asked.

“Data organization for a McLandlord.”

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All content Copyright © 2011 James Ryan


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