Part 030


Jenny’s worst fears ran through her head as Shaun opened the door to her and Tia.

To her surprise and relief, he made movements and motions to indicate that he was going to behave himself.  For now…

“This is a surprise, Jenny,” he said to her before adding with his good hand outstretched,  “I’m Shaun, and you are-”

“Trouble,” Jenny blurted out, handing him the box with Kate in it.  “You better not be too damn drunk, because I need you right now to be at your best.”

“I can be a gentleman, thank you.”

“I don’t want a gentleman, I need a criminal mastermind.  Sit down and let me get you up to speed on how f’d’ up things are for us now…”


By the time Jenny finished getting Shaun up to date, the sun was close to the high noon position; it made the shadows inside that much deeper.

“OK,” said Shaun, too calmly for Jenny to feel comfortable, “last things first:  Kate has no survivors, right?”


“So, as far as the ERC’s concerned, that’s that.  Kate here,” he kicked the box, “can go wherever she can where she’s not going to be a problem.  I’d suggest about four miles from shore, with a slit in the side so she doesn’t float over to Fort Erie.”

“Her employer isn’t going to ask after her?” Tia asked.

“If she’d had a real employer, she’d have probably afforded better care and not be in the box now.  So that’s that,” he said as he reached for a bottle.

“Not yet,” Jenny said as she grabbed it out of his hand.  “There’s Big Bobby out there.”

“Who thinks you all suck, so he’s not coming for you that hard, or else he’d have followed you back last night.  He needs to hear you’ve had some success before he takes you seriously.”

“Geez, that’s a vote of confidence.”

“I think you’re brilliant,” said Shaun.  “And by the time he realizes that, you’ll have made a few good scores.”

“Which just leaves her,” said Jenny pointing casually to Tia.  “She’s been a Jonah from the first.”

“I’m proud to see you’re getting use to the older lingo.  See,” Shaun turned to Tia, “a Jonah is bad luck for sailors, whose presence was the cause of a bad run for them.”

“Um,” Tia said, “actually, I do know what a Jonah is, thank you.”

“She’s trouble, Shaun,” said Jenny, “not stupid.  And thank God for small favors, because stupid bad luck would be worse.”

“So what’s the problem?” he asked.  “You must have a good reason for not killing her before now, and I’m guessing the fact that Tia’s being talked about means you don’t intend to kill her.”

“Gee, make me feel good about myself here, eh?” Tia noted.

“Well, I can’t just kick her out for a lot of good reasons.”

“Well, if you hold Tia down, I could use a few interrogation techniques to see if she’s a spy, if that’s what yo-”

His jaw flapped open as he caught Jenny’s harsh gaze.  “Some f’n’ gentleman,” she snarled.

“But you wanted criminal mastermind.”  Shaun sat back and gave Tia a long glance.

Jenny started to tense up as she imagined what was going through his mind as he stared at her…

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All content Copyright © 2011 James Ryan


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