Part 031

Thirty One

Jenny’s mind went places she didn’t want it to go, afraid she’d find Shaun’s mind there first, doing what she hoped he wouldn’t…

Tia started to give a slight nervous twitch under Shaun’s gaze as he bore into her with his eyes.

Jenny started to have second thoughts about her gamble, bringing Tia to her mentor and lover.  She knew well his instincts, and his base tendencies…

“Maybe I should have stayed with Georgie after all,” Tia stated as her hands fidgeted, trying to half cover some of the areas Shaun’s eyes focused on.

“So do we have problems with rolling into bed with folks?” he asked her.

“She’s not here for you,” said Jenny.  “Not that way.”

“Even if I asked real nice?”

“I could take off the fifth limb with an ax.”

The rest of the scan went by in silence before Shaun cleared his throat, trying to get the bottle out of Jenny’s hand before she grasped tighter and pulled away.

“No,” he declared, “I don’t think she’s going to be a problem.  If she were a spy, she’d have bailed on you all a lot earlier.  I can’t quite say why yet, but there’s something keeping you here, isn’t there?” he asked her.

“Well,” Tia replied, slowly, “there is the story I’m looking for.”

He stared at her and then declared, “If you say so.  Whatever it really is, she’s not going to just do something stupid.  For the time she stays, she can be trusted.  I’m a pretty good judge of a person, and I think there’s something more going on here with you, Tia, but I don’t see it as a threat, or at least as a reason to just shoot you.”

“I guess that’s good news,” Tia replied with something a little louder than a mumble…

“No, I got a pretty good feeling right here.  And if you give me a chance to give an even better feeling, I ca-  Oh, don’t look at me like that, Jenny.”

“Can I see you in the other room?” she said as she pulled Shaun from his chair.  “And if Shaun’s right, you’ll stay, right there,” she said to Tia before closing the door behind her.

“Now Jenny,” Shaun started to say…

…before she kissed him.  Hard, deep, desperately.

“Wow,” he said when he came up for air.  “If you’re going to be like that when you bring someone over, you should bring more people over.”

“Oh, shut up!  She’s here not because of some sick fantasy you may have, but on business.  And I need you, the best pirate in Erie County.”

“So I guess I did everything you wanted.  And if I keep my mind clean, I can have that bottle, then?”

“No you haven’t,” she said as she guided him with a few shoves over to the bed, putting him on his back.

“What, while she’s in the other room?”

“You said you don’t think she’ll bail or be a threat.  Well, here’s where we test that.  And as I said,” she said as she worked her shirt over her head, “I need you.  I need you to get me over what has been a few really lousy hours.”

“At least one drink?”

“You want a drink?” she asked as she poured some into her hand and started to rub it on herself.  “Oh, I’m going to make you work for that…”

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All content Copyright © 2011 James Ryan


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