Part 032

Thirty Two

“So you two are speaking to each other again, eh?”

By the time Tia finally said this, Jenny had driven  most of the way back, a few blocks away from Nana Fronczak’s, amidst abandoned homes and deserted store fronts.

Jenny avoided putting her foot on the break, but let the car start to coast.  “Excuse me?”

“You and this Shaun.  The way you two went at each other.”

“You never were in the next room when two people were doing it?”

“All the time at university,” said Tia.  “Just noting, that’s all.”

“I’d rather you not.”

“So how did you two get together in the first place?”

“What part of ‘none of your f’n’ business’ don’t you get?” Jenny snapped.

“Hey, I’m asking more about the professional part.  You said he was the best pirate in Erie County.”

“Behind closed doors, I did.”

“Good ears, thin walls,” Tia replied with a shrug.  “So how’s he the best?  How many pirates do you know?”

Jenny sighed.  “A few.”

“What makes him special?  Professionally, I mean; what made you hire onto his crew?”

“I asked, he had me.”

There was another silence as the car coasted a few blocks.  “You mean, that’s it?  No initiation, no tests, nothing?”

“No, not really,” said Jenny.  “I was looking for a crew to go out with, and I followed a few leads.  There was the first crew I found, the Saint Bridget, but they didn’t want anything to do with me.  A few ex-vets who’d seen service in Canada, Mexico and a few other places the U.S. used to send troops; bunch of old guys that talked about how bad they were but didn’t want a ‘little girl’ running with them.”

“Their words?”

“Yeah.  Sorry bunch I heard got sunk a few months ago near Turkey Point; served them right.  They all reminded me a lot of Big Bobby, like he’d be if he weren’t a complete asshole.”

“So who was next?”

“These three guys in a bar who said they were going to pull together a venture.  They said they were looking for able and willing sailors to split the spoils among.  But first, they wanted people to buy shares in order to get the boat.  The more you paid, the more you’d get from every venture.”

“And you thought it was a scam, eh?” Tia asked.

“So did someone else.  The three of them was found behind a house on Clinton Street, tied up and shot in the head, a few months ago.  Whoever they pissed off wasn’t forgiving, I guess.”

“And then you found Shaun.”

“Actually, I found Shaun through Georgie,” said Jenny.  “Ran into her when I was making the rounds, and she led me to him.”

“So, was she trying to get you first?”

“Oh, yeah.  She tried, didn’t happen before I met Shaun, she gave up once I did, end of story.”

“Which doesn’t tell me what I want to know,” said Tia.  “Why?”

“Why him and not her?  Geez, and you went on to a university…?”

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All content Copyright © 2011 James Ryan


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  1. Riveting, gripping and hilarious.

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