Part 034

Thirty Four

“Stay in the car,” said Jenny.  “Any luck, he doesn’t notice you’re there.”

“Wait, wha-” Tia started to say as Jenny opened her door, keeping her hands in the air and visible at all times as she slowly made her way over to the cop car’s driver’s window.

The window rolled down when Jenny got there.

“Damn, girl,” said Russell, “I thought we rehearsed this better than that.”

“Hey,” said Jenny as her hands came down on Russell’s door, “just wanted to get this over with.  Nothing wrong with that, ain’t it?”

“If I was in an SOB mood, that’d be resisting an officer in the performance of his duties.”

“What, you got this fetish about me in cuffs all of a sudden?”

“Oh, do not go there with me.”

“So enough about what you’re secretly thinking, then,” said Jenny.  “What else is on your mind?”

“Stop that, girl.  I got enough things to deal with as is, like wrapping the DeWayne Parker case.”

“God, man, I thought he died on the floor.  What, the bartender missed or something?”

“Oh, he got ‘em good,” said Russell.  “Him and a bystander, both ended up at the ECU.  He died first and saved us the expense of shipping his ass to Camp Texas.”

“Hey, why is that?  The only way you get to leave Buffalo if you can’t afford to go is, you mess around and get shipped to the lowest bidder to hold you until you rot away.  I mean, I can understand the whole ‘prison business’ thing and being willing to take everyone’s garbage, human and otherwise for a few bucks, but did you ever really think about it?  I mean, really think about it?”

“I’m thinking, you get real deep when you don’t want to be talking about anything.”

“Geez, Russell,” said Jenny, “you still holding those last bad dates in eighth grade against me?  The ones where I kept talking every time we finished taking our clothes off and getting all bothered with each other as we-”

The Wu-WOOP from the siren made Jenny jump a little as Russell glowered at her.  “Do.  You. Ever. Listen, girl?  I want to wrap this crap up, and this ain’t helping.”

She sighed.  “Okay, what?”

“The bystander, one Kate Hanson.  Witnesses put her in the bar with a companion.”

“So? What’s her involvement?”

“That’s what we need to find out,” he said as he tagged his cell into the car’s HUD and called up Kate’s file on the windshield.

“Russell, Russell, you telling me you’re being pulled off the real crime just to keep the paperwork rolling?  Really?”

“It’s not BPD pulling me into this crap; Homeland Sec had Hanson on a watch list and wanted to make sure she wasn’t trafficking with bad elements.  And why are you looking at me like that, girl?”

“Like what?” Jenny breathed/moaned.

“Like you want me to relive eighth grade with you; what are you up to…?”

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All content Copyright © 2011 James Ryan


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