Part 035

Thirty Five

Jenny took her sweet time switching the mode of her smile, not seeing much of a reaction or distraction in Russell’s eyes the whole time.

“Guess I’m messing with you,” she finally said when she got her look and head just right.  “Thinking about old times, it’s making me do that.”

“Well, yeah,” he replied, “but there’s a reason we didn’t keep it up, remember?”

“No, there really wasn’t.  We just stopped and said enough’s enough and didn’t talk about it.”

“Now you want to talk, all this time later?”

“Nah,” Jenny finally said.  “Why mess up a good friendship with a little sex?”

“If we were that good a set of friends, you’d have stopped BS-ing me about DeWayne Parker and the girl who died next to him.”

“You said Homeland Sec was interested in her?  Why, what’d she do?”

“They said she was doing a lot of communication with foreign hostile powers,” said Russell, “and may have been involved in exchanges with same.”

“Geez, Russell, you could say that about most of the people in Buffalo.  If every time someone hacked their cell chips to be able to call somewhere because the cell towers in Fort Erie actually work better than the ones on this side, we’d all be in Camp Texas by now.”

“Well, our Kate Hanson wasn’t the smartest girl in Buffalo.  She wasn’t all that careful about how she got in touch with people over there, and almost boasted to the world about her ties up north.”

Jenny snorted as she asked, “So who was she palling with, the head of the Maple Mafia?”

“I wish.  Her traffic was with a lot of art-types in Toronto, journalists, writers, video people; if it were organized crime it’d be another agency’s jurisdiction and BPD wouldn’t get deputized for this crap.”

“Oh God, man, Russell, I’m sorry they’re making you do this BS.”

Russell closed Kate’s file and said, “Well, because our girl Hanson isn’t able to answer a few simple questions like who she was with that night when she died, they want me to go figure out who this person is in case she’s a potential ‘enemy agent’ or some crap like that.  Now I’m going to ask you what you know since you were real close to the action, and I know you’re not going to pull anything stupid on me. Are you?”

“What, over some artist or some crap who might have been with her and was slumming on this side to see what the scene was here after we lost their last war to them?  If there was someone like that with her, some kid who should have stayed north, what would you do, arrest her on what?  Being stupid?”

“That’d be for the feds to decide, if there was someone that was in lockup.  And if she was just some dumb kid who shouldn’t be here, and we found her, say, twenty four hours after we spoke and had her in lockup, I’d be looking at a few days of paperwork I don’t want to deal with while some damned fed tried to make himself look like the hero.  So you can imagine how anxious I am to find this person.”

Jenny nodded.  “Twenty four hours, huh?”

“Yeah, that should be about right.”

“That’s clear.  You’re a dear, Russell.”

“And I hope I am clear on this,” he said as she straightened up.

“And if you’re not, you have the right to make me redo eighth grade.”

“Damn, girl,” he said as he rolled up his window and headed off.

Jenny got back in the car and said to Tia, “Pack your bags, you’re going home tonight.”

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All content Copyright © 2011 James Ryan


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