Part 037

Thirty Seven

As the rest of the crew armed themselves, Jenny steadied the craft as she leaned forward and said to Tia, “OK, here’s the rules:  One, you stay down.  Keep your butt to the keel and hands on the hull at all times.”

“Okay,” she replied.

“Two, no matter what, you stay the hell down.  We may need to shoot to get our point across, during which even in the best of circumstances something could go wrong.  And it becomes a bigger risk if they decide to shoot back.”

“Got it.”

“Any questions?” Jenny asked.

“Yeah: Worst case scenario, what then?”

Jenny shook her head.  “You do what you’re told, there won’t be one.”

As she said that, the boat the West Seneca Crew voted to go for was close enough that they could make out through the rain her chrome railings.  She was a center console with a detachable covering, keeping her crew dry and oblivious to Jenny’s approach.

“Looks like they’re staying nice and dry,” said Tomo with a little disgust.

“Double-ought?” Jenny asked Georgie.

“Yeah,” she replied as she raised her shotgun.

“When I say so, give them some air holes in that.”

Jenny got the craft within six lengths, close enough that she could make out the faces of the crew under the covering.

Close enough to see one of the three men look up from the instruments and watch as the shock crossed his face in alarm…

“All right, NOW!” Jenny cried, and Georgie fired.

The shot shredded the front of the canopy, whizzing past the faces of the men under it.

“Avast!” Jenny screamed.  “Prepare to be boarded!”

“You had to say, ‘Avast!’ again,” said Charlie.

“Gotta live up to the tradition,” she replied.

“What about trying ‘Stand and deliver!’ some time?”

“What?  That’s highwaymen, not pirates.  What, you want them to laugh us off the lake?”

“Hey, whatever,” said Dutch, “they’re going for it-”

Jenny had to move fast, or else!

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All content Copyright © 2011 James Ryan


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