Part 041

Forty One

Georgie stared at the motor for a few seconds after it cut out.

Jenny got up and started to say, “You got to keep an eye on the throttle.  You can’t just let her open up withou-”

Jenny started to pitch forward from the throbbing in her head, grabbing the seat to stop herself.  Her hand slipped on the slick seat, and the pain running through her as she went to her left knee nearly blacked her out.

“Aw Geezum- okay, Tia, how’s Charlie doing?”

“We got water to keep him hydrated?”

“Dutch, you and Tia, keep an eye on Charlie.  Tomo, take the fuel pump, this,” she held up the bulb pump sticking out on a hose from the back of the gas tank, and give it a few pumps.  Not constant, you don’t want to flood the motor.  Georgie, release the throttle, then let Tomo give you a few pumps before you get her going again.”

“They’re gaining on us,” said Tomo, looking astern.

“And if you keep your damn head, they won’t.  Now get to it.”

Tomo gave a half-gulp and started to pump fuel into the motor as Georgie got the motor ready to run.

Every creeping moment the motor was silent, the center console got closer.  It had turned on its bow spot, the cone of light emanating from the pursuers definable in the rain as it searched for them.

“Now would be a good time to get this boat under way, Georgie,” Jenny said as the spot came closer to their position.

“Gimme a sec, let me-  okay, we’re good,” she replied as the motor roared to life.

“Okay, Tomo,” said Jenny, “give it a few pumps every ten seconds or so, and if the motor starts to conk out, stop it, don’t flood her.  Georgie, keep the throttle around three-fourths the way, and adjust it down if it starts to whine for a few seconds until she-”

The spot from the center console hit Jenny in the eyes, and their rifles barked with three shots.

“Get us out of here!  Get us a little space before we can make a stand.”

The West Seneca Crew started to put some distance between themselves and her former prey, the whole while coming under fire from their pursuers.

“I don’t know if we’re shaking them that well,” said Georgie.  “We got’em on speed, but even with one engine, they’re still on us.”

“Oh f’n’ great,” said Jenny.  “What else we going to go up against?”

Jenny didn’t hear the rotors until the attack helicopter was right over her.

The quick sight of the machine was followed by a buffeting air rush as the chopper opened up her guns on the center console.  There was a flash as the other boat’s tanks went up from a tracer round; Jenny’s pursuers were outlined by the fire that threatened to sink them, their craft still afloat as the rising flames started to consume them.

“Okay,” said Jenny, “start putting us on course to port and don’t slow down until we can wade ashore.”

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All content Copyright © 2011 James Ryan


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