Part 042

Forty Two

“Have I told you how much I really hate Big Bobby?” Jenny asked.

“Uh-huh,” said Shaun, as he used his one hand to pour  cola into a stemmed glass with rum at the bottom.

“If it wasn’t for him and his damn stupid slave raid, we’d have gotten the Brazilian mini-pads without having to fire a shot, Tia would be someone else’s problem, and we’d be doing something more vigorous than you just playing nurse bartender.”

“Hey, it’s still a net win, all around.  Yeah, two cases of mini-pads to bribe an ECU tech to get you and Charlie patched up sucks, but Brazilian electronics has to be worth something at Broadway Market.”

“Yeah, Xia was talking up these a while ago.  And I thought talking tech to those hose heads was going to keep things calm when we robbed them.”

“Guess not,” said Shaun as he handed her her drink, and started to fix his own, not leaving any room in his glass for cola.

“Not much net.  Five cases of mini-pads versus a few days off the lake for Charlie and me to get back up to speed, and Tia stuck with us while we are ashore.  And to top it all off, the Royal Canadian Navy is hunting pirates on the lake.”

“Actually, there you’re wrong.  Last I heard, the RCN doesn’t use attack helicopters.”

“Whatever,” she blew through her lips before taking a drink.

“No, not whatever.  What’s the difference between the army and navy?”

“You kiddin’ me?  The army doesn’t have boats, right?”

“Which means,” he said as he got into bed beside her, “they don’t have to worry about things off shore because it’s not their job to go after them.”

“So that means tha-  Oh, okay; that means they stay close to shore and not follow people back.”

“Not unless we’re going back to war so quickly, no.  And if it had been RCN, they’d have more likely gotten to you with a fast pursuit craft, and gone for both of you.”

“But if the army’s has an eye off shore to keep Big Bobby and the likes away,” Jenny started to say before sipping her drink.  “God, this is strong!”

“Want me to sweeten that?” he asked as he poured some of her drink into his glass.

“And all because Bobby can’t accept that not every boat on the lake is a good payday.  What the hell, y’know?  He keeps this crap up, yeah, there could be another war, and this time the Canadians come over to stay.”

“I’d say you’re getting better at thinking things big picture.  Yeah, if he keeps going off like that, the trade’s going to get a lot worse.  Short term, it makes going ashore over there a lot harder.”

“Yeah, thanks Bobby,” Jenny sighed as he came back with the cola.  “Which brings up Tia.  She just can’t be gotten rid of, unless I take her out somewhere quiet and shoot her, which is not  going to happen, and I just can’t afford to have her around much longer.”

“Why?  What’s her problem?”

“Just ever since we ran into her she’s been, like a Jonas, y’know?”

“Tell me all about it,” Shaun asked as he curled up beside her.

“Ah, I don’t want to think about it,” she evaded.  “I mean, I’d rather be doing something else.”


“Oh,” she said as she pinched his ear lobe and started to direct him towards more distracting things…

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All content Copyright © 2011 James Ryan


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