Part 043

Forty Three

When Jenny finished getting dressed, she leaned over Shaun to kiss his forehead.

“Fmphalrea’y?” he mumbled.

“Next time, have one less drink before I come on to you,” she whispered sweetly in his ear.


“Good night, Shaun,” she said with a kiss before she let herself out the house.

She looked over her shoulder and sighed as she got in her car and started back home.  She hit the main drag, avoiding the numerous gouges and potholes that made up the streets where Shaun lived, and started to make her way as the sun held on to the last bit of sky it moved across before dropping off the edge.

There was still a sliver of light as she pulled up to Charlie’s place, the bottom share of a house with the guts of the place next door in a pile blocking the drive.

“I thought you were taking it easy,” he said to her at the door.  “Hell, you got dinged worse than I did.”

“So?” she replied.

“So take it easy.  I was going to sleep in a few hours, catch a superhero movie maybe on my pad.”

“Which one? That new one from up north?”

“Crap no!” Charlie almost spat.  “I do not want to watch Canadienne thank you!  Give me a good old-fashioned American film like The Avengers II or Ultimaid.”

“And here I am thinking you got off on well-built women in skin tight outfits kicking ass.”

“Well, I’m sticking to American ones thank you.  And these films may be years old but they still got good looking women in them doing all kinds of damage.”

“Ever see recent pictures of those women?” Jenny asked.

“Go get some rest, already.  Geez, kids…”

Jenny sighed and got back in the car, heading out to Dutch’s place, a trailer park showing signs of most of the residents skipping out, leaving foundations picked clean and a few units open on one side as scroungers slithered in and out when they thought no one was looking.

She drove down to the end of the main lane splitting the park right down the middle and stopped two down from one of the few units left occupied, and knocked on the door.

After a few minutes and three knocks on the door, right before she tried a fourth time, the door opened and put Jenny in shock.

“Oh, hi, Jenny,” said Tomo from behind the screen door.

“Geez, Tomo,” Jenny asked, “why you only wearing a mask and not a damned thing else?”

“Oh, let me get a robe and tell Dutch you’re here.”

“No-no-no, you two are busy.  He’s probably waiting in there for you.”

“Oh, I got him tied up right now, and he can’t hear or see a thing, so-” Tomo got out before Jenny raised her hand.

“Look: Bad time, obviously.  Go back in, it’s nothing.  Really, just…”  Jenny got out before turning to go back to the car.

Jenny sighed and headed out just as the last bit of sun left the night alone…

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All content Copyright © 2011 James Ryan


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