Part 049

Forty Nine

Jenny watched the way Tia’s eyes moved, how her irises fishtailed like a nervous twitch, like someone flinching before they were about to get hit…

“Why don’t you tell me all about yourself,” Nana said to Tia.

“Oh, I don’t know,” said Jenny quicker than she considered whether to say it.  “Besides, she didn’t come here to tell us all about her boring self, right?”

“Eh?” Tia asked.

“I mean, really, you came here for something to write about, to tell everyone all about the crazy f’d-up scene here on the border, right?  I mean, as much of the story as you can without doing something crazy like, trying to get across the border, which would be just messed, right?”

Tia and Nana gave each other a look.

Jenny jumped in before that went awry and added, “Besides, Nana, you’re the one telling me I have to pay attention to all the old stories before I miss them all, right?  So what better time to go over those than with someone eager to hear all of that?”

“But-” Nana started to reply.

“Besides, I bet Tia here would find what you have to say a lot more interesting a light, non-controversial read than anything I could offer.”

“Non-controversial?” Tia asked.

“Oh, the way you were telling me earlier, how Homeland Sec keeps coming up with new guidelines about what can and can’t be said in public without it being in the national interest, especially after they declared some of the ‘Big Dry’ to be some sort of state secret.”

“I’m non-controversial?” Nana asked.

“Less than I am,” Jenny shot at her sotto voce.  “So hey,” she said louder to Tia, “I got you an exclusive interview with a unique perspective here on the border.  And you can write all about my grandmother, right here.”

“Are you able to, dear?” Nana asked Tia.  “You don’t have any of those warnings a lot of bloggers have about using materials you shouldn’t have, do you?”

“You mean like quotes from big companies’ stories, clips and music and the like?” Tia responded.

“Yes, any of that.”

“Would it make a difference if I did?”

“Only in terms of whether you’d still be able to tell this story,” said Nana.  “All the funny ways the government uses the copyright laws to keep quiet the folks they want to shut up, it’s such a mess.”

“Oh yes, the Uni- this country is infamous as the only country that found an underhanded way to claim government information is protected under copyright belonging to the government.”

“Yes, yes.  I remember when they first claimed the government copyright, right about the second time we went into Mexico.  Before we stayed for good.  Can I get you another drink, dears?”

“Sure, thanks,” said Jenny.  She said to Tia as Nana’s back was turned, “Good save, there.  Just play my lead and she won’t find out a thing about you.”

“Would she have turned me in if she knew?” Tia asked.

“Why risk it?”

“Oh, do you have any need for the recording device, dear?” Nana asked.

“Oh…” said Tia.  “I must have left mine behind, the last place.”

“Would you like some paper and a pencil, then, for notes?”

“Oh, yes, uh, thank you.”

And as Tia got ready to write, Jenny started to relax… a little…

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All content Copyright © 2012 James Ryan


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  1. Keep it coming! I’ve enjoyed it so far!

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