Part 054

Fifty Four

“So what is it with you two?”

Jenny looked at Tomo as tough she’d drawn a knife on her.

“I mean, really,” Tomo pressed.  “You show up with Tia, and there’s something, like…”

“Like what?” Jenny asked.

“Like the two of you just came back from a make-out or something. “

“What, you think I’d do that?”

“I know you wouldn’t,” said Tomo.  “I don’t know about Tia, the way she kept pushing Georige away, I’d think she wouldn’t either, but the two of you since you showed up, that’s got me asking.”

“So what do you think it is?  Something you didn’t expect, ain’t it?”

“Crap if I know, but it feels different somehow.”

“You mean you feel it,” asked Jenny, “or you think it?  There’s a big difference between those two.”

“I-I mean I…  it just seems like something happened.  Whatever it was, I want to make sure I’m not going to get the blowback from it.”

“What blowback?”

Tomo took a long breath before she burst out, “Okay, first thing:  If she’s going to have something, some big say in the crew without the rest of us having a chance, that’d be a bad thing.  And if this is something really out of left field; I mean, I can accept you and Shaun and all, but her on the side?  I mean, crap, really?  And tell me true here; if what I have to do to keep from getting a raw deal means what it looks like, I mean, really?”

“First off, no, she’s not going to be something special from now on.  And no, what I have with Shaun –  You have an issue with me and Shaun?”

“Hey, no, no, I came in knowing the two of you had something going.  Just the Tia thing threw me.”

“No, that’s not anything,” said Jenny.  “So don’t worry about that.  And she’s not getting anything special, so there’s nothing going on there, and if someone had to get something special, no, you wouldn’t have to do that?”

“For real?  Really?”

“Yeah.  So we’re good here?”

“Yeah,” Tomo ultimately said, after looking out over a dark Lake Erie during her time to consider Jenny’s assurances.

“Good, because I’m betting on things changing for the better here,” Jenny said as she reached for a flask from inside her jacket.  “I think things are going to start heading in the right direction towards us soon.  I’m thinking that we’re going to start seeing some real progress out here; all we need now’s a-”

“Ah, CRAP!” Dutch called out as the boat started to float off the trailer and out on the lake too fast.

“C’mon, grab it!” Georgie cried as Dutch fished for the line to keep the boat from drifting away.

“-need an f’n’ miracle,” Jenny grumbled as she took a swig from the flask…

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All content Copyright © 2012 James Ryan


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