Part 055

Fifty Five

“What’s it been, three or four hours?” Georgie asked.

“Tomo, if you turn on and look at your cell again,” said Jenny, “keep it under the keel line.  Last thing I want is to have someone see us out here.”

“Isn’t having that on going to give our position away anyway?” Tia asked, sitting to starboard of Georgie.

“Scrambled GPS circuit,” said Tomo.  “Doesn’t stay continuously linked into the network, it goes in and out every few seconds.  And if someone really wanted to find us it’d misplace our location by a couple of miles.  Gives us the time and makes a phone call, but it’s lousy as a navigational aid or for telling us where to get a drink.”

“Keep it off anyway,” said Jenny.  “Last thing we need’s one tiny mistake to take us all down.”

There was a brief glimmer of light Jenny could make out from Tomo’s cupped hands that went out after a few long seconds before the cell was shut and the dark emptiness of Lake Erie at night re-imposed itself.

“Closer to four than three,” said Tomo.  “We’re seeing crap out here tonight.”

“We haven’t seen a lot tonight,” said Dutch.  “It’s been too quiet.”

“Great,” said Jenny.  “First we nearly lose the boat, then I find Charlie left his watch at home, now this.”

“I said I’m sorry,” said Charlie.  “What more you want, huh?”

“I want to go home,” said Tomo.

“Aw crap, really?” said Jenny.  “What, you think we can just go like that?”

“Jenny, this ain’t been one of the better nights we’ve had.  It feels even emptier out here than usual.”

“Empty how?” Charlie asked.

“I mean, just listen.  Listen a sec.”

The boat quieted as the crew stayed still.  Talk gave way to laps of water against the hull.

“I mean it just feels-”

“Shhh,” Jenny said, and the craft ran silent once more.

“What do you hear?” Dutch asked after a good minute of quiet.

“Rotors,” said Jenny.  “Not coming towards us, off to the north, going east-west, but yeah, there’s been a lot of that tonight.  They must still be spooked about Big Bobby up there.”

“But what about the other traffic?” Charlie asked.

“Maybe they’re going other ways for a while to avoid him, out through Sandursky or…”  Jenny sighed, “or yeah, Rochester.”

There were ‘tisks’ and sighs from everyone except Tia as that possibility was mentioned…

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All content Copyright © 2012 James Ryan


One Response to “Part 055”

  1. I loved the phrase, ‘the dark emptiness of Lake Erie at night re-imposed itself.’ Still suspenseful, still waiting to read more! 🙂

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