Part 056

Fifty Six

“Well, this just blows,” said Georgie.

“What’s wrong with Rochester?” asked Tia.

“So are we staying out here, or not?” Tomo asked.

“Something tells me you’ve never done much fishing,” said Charlie.

“No, I don’t fish. Why?”

“You need patience to do that.  A sense of pacing, a little belief that things are going to go better soon-”

“Lots of booze,” Dutch interjected.

“Not too much,” said Jenny, “but if you got it on you now, this is as good a time as any if you want.”

Jenny left her flask where it was while Tomo retrieved two bottles of beer from under the seat, Charlie got out a repurposed water bottle, and Georgie took a can of peach tea from the keel line and opened it with a Sss-POP loud enough to fill the air above the darkened lake.

“How can you drink that?” Tomo asked Georgie as she handed a beer to Dutch.

“I could ask the same thing,” she replied.  “I just never went for that.”

“How is that?” Tia asked, pointing at Tomo’s beer bottle.

“Don’t think you’d like it,” said Charlie.  “Hell, even before the Big Dry, Canadians never liked our beer, and damned unlikely it’s gotten better lately compared to what you’re used to.”

“Hey, lighten up a little,” said Georgie.  “Just because you can’t handle their beer or their women, you don’t have to go all over her like that.”  She leaned in closer to Tia and added, “I happen to like the latter especially.”

“Oh, don’t,” said Charlie.

“I’m especially fond of Claudette D’Promesse, the actress that plays Laura Secord in-  What, why the face?”

“Yeah,” Jenny asked, seeing the disgust flash across Tia’s visage.  “What, you have a problem with the actress?”

“No, not really, just the character.”

“What character?” Dutch asked.

“It’s from the movie Canadienne,” Georige said.  “It’s about this hot woman who gets a form-fitting full body suit from a government-alien science project, and she becomes this superhero that saves the world from an evil scientist and his robot army. Very cool, really well done.”

“Yeah, I saw that,” said Jenny, “thought it was pretty good.  Hadn’t see a big film like that in a while, and for once it was something big and flashy that didn’t look like all the rest of those action movies from India, y’know?”

“Yeah, she was a hot action hero,”  Charlie said, then added quickly, “And a decent actress too.”

“I suppose, but…”  Tia offered.

“But what?”

“Did it have to be her name?”

“Whose name?”  Jenny asked.

“Laura Secord,” said Tia.

“What, you know a Laura Secord?” Georgie asked.

Jenny couldn’t quite make out the sound Tia gurgled out…

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All content Copyright © 2012 James Ryan


One Response to “Part 056”

  1. I can sympathize with Tia. lol Great conversation. 🙂

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