Part 062

Sixty Two

“Got yourself quite a party in there, folks,” Butch said as he looked into the car through the windshield; Jenny missed the first part of his greeting while she was rolling down the window.

“Don’t tell me the place is too crowded for all of us,” she replied.

“Jenny. Ddn’t see it was you.  Got more crew than you usually do with you, huh?  Who’s the new folk?”

“You might remember him,” Jenny distinctly pointed to the back seat.

“That you, Butch?” Shaun asked from under Georgie.

“Black Shaun?  As I live an- Girl, move off his lap a sec.”

Shaun opened the door and started to get out before Georgie shoved him out the rear.

Butch came around and gave Shaun a hearty pat on the back.  “You old son of a bitch, you.  Black Shaun, you’ve come back?”

“Working back into things, you could say,” he replied.

“Ain’t been as much fun since you pulled back.”

“Shaun has a rep, eh?” Tia asked Jenny.

“Shaun was one of the founders of the Broadway Market,” Jenny replied.  “He helped set this up, make a place so that crews could unload their wares quickly without wasting time unloading their cargo.”

“How’d he do it?”
“A few drinks here, a few there, and when he found the right people across all the bars of Buffalo, he got them together to charter the other Broadway Market.”

“Was it hard?” Tia asked.

“The hard part was getting some of them to cross town and drink in places they normally wouldn’t have.  Folks here are very particular about their bars, but if he could get you to try a new place a few times, getting you to put something towards building a friendly port for everyone was going to be a piece of cake.”

“He must be one hell of a salesman, or have a really good product.”

“It’s got to be the pitch,” Jenny said wryly, “considering what he sold me in the end as far as getting me a boyfriend…”

“Uh, Jenny,” said Dutch, “maybe Charlie and I better get out of the car before you go there, okay?”

“Not today I won’t,” said Jenny, “but we’re going to get out as soon as Butch stops fawning over Shaun and get some business taken care of.”

“What kind of business?  We’re a little light in terms of recent hauls off the lake.”

“Leave the heavy deals to Shaun for now.  We’ll have plenty to go on when this goes down.”

“You mean if, right?” asked Tia.

“This is Shaun; I mean when.”

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All content Copyright © 2012 James Ryan


2 Responses to “Part 062”

  1. The story is progressing well. I was a little confused about the Shaun/Sean thing, though. I assume you are referring to the same person. This is the first time I’ve noticed the change in spelling. Maybe it’s just me, but thought I should mention it. 🙂

  2. [SFX: Me choking in embarrassment]



    …..oh shi-….

    Thanks; getting it fixed now…

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