Part 063

Sixty Three

The first time, Jenny just smiled when Shaun got stopped by a small mob as they made their way through their Broadway Market.

“If it ain’t Black Shaun,” the loudest of the throng boomed, standing a head and a half over him while completely dwarfing Jenny.

“Tiny Stan,” Shaun replied with a handshake.  “I hear you keep the market running smoothly since you were made the operations chief.”

“No shit from no one,” Tiny Stan boomed like the hull of a laker breaking in two as it grounded.  “I keep everything running nice and smooth.”

“And you been keeping my girl and her crew safe and able to do business, I hope?” Shaun said as he drew Jenny to his side with his handless arm around her shoulders.

“Like she’s family.”

“Yeah, a distant relation,” she whispered into Shaun’s ear.  “Gave Tomo crap a few weeks ago when she challenged the guy trying to sell data streams she could tell were fake; Tiny Stan took his side and I had to talk him out of messing her up.”

“Hey, my family sucks too,” he whispered back before addressing Tiny Stan.  “So, who are some of the bigger players here today, Stan?”

“Hey, you compete out there, not here.”

“No, no,” Shaun laughed, “I want to talk business.”

“Some of the folk that way, by the beer tent.  Maybe that’s what you want.”

“Much obliged,” Shaun got out as Jenny started to lead him towards the tent.

“So, how soon after you get there will it be before I have to roll your ass home?” Jenny barely asked before the Broadway Market ate them up a second time.

“You him, ain’t it?” said a balding man with glasses half down his nose, his belly rolling over his cheap belt.  “Black Shaun?”

“Aye,” Shaun replied with a little flourish, “that I be.”

“Yeah, I heard you got messed pretty bad.  I see the foot and the hand are gone.”

“No, I ain’t showing you what he didn’t get,” Shaun laughed.

Jenny took that moment when the man was confused to hustle Shaun away.  She noted as she moved on that he snapped a picture of them on his cell and turned away in a hurry.

“I don’t know about him,” Jenny said in a low voice in Shaun’s ear.  “He seemed off.”

“How do you mean?”

“Something about him just set me-”

Jenny lost the train of thought as they were stopped a third time, the dancing girl that plagued the crew the last time ambushing them.

“I swear to God, the way you’re drooling, it just makes her try harder,” Jenny muttered.

Shaun smiled and asked, “And…?”

“Oh for Cri- Georgie tells me she wasn’t that good to sleep with, when she took her home last time.”

“Do you know that when you lie in desperation, you talk really fast?”

“Shaun, please,” said Jenny.  “Why waste time on her?”

“To see if she has intel.  If you score well and want to blow it on a package like her, I’d like to know you and see if you are qualified for our job.”

“Please, I know what you want in on.”

“For the sake of the cause, my dear…” said Shaun as Jenny rolled her eyes…

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All content Copyright © 2012 James Ryan


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