Part 066

Sixty Six

When Georgie got in the car, she cast looks between Tia and Jenny as she slid across the back seat.

“Why do I think you two are up to something?” she asked them.

“What?” Jenny replied.

“Just the last few times, I catch you two when you think you’re alone, and I think something’s going on that I’m interrupting.”

“You’re just paranoid.”

“I just have experience.  That year I was at All Saints School, I learned quickly who had secrets and were trying to share them when they thought no one else was around.  The guilty looks, the eyes going side to side, the way voices drop suddenly.”

“So what secrets were you hiding?” Tia asked.

“Did I not say All Saints School?  The way the Church still makes you feel bad if you don’t get all hot for the people you’re supposed to, yeah, you learn who’s got secrets quickly.  And they wonder why no one’s coming on Sunday anymore.”

“And maybe I wonder if you were starting to get hot for people while you were there,” Jenny said.  “So what did the nuns do when they caught you looking at the other girls?  Or were you beyond looking when it happened?”

“Jenny!” said Tia.

“Or was it a nun you got hot for?” Jenny asked.  “Hey, I got it, two of the nuns decided they didn’t want to just be married to Christ, right?  I bet you found that out and that just got-”

“Hey! HEY!”  Georgie barked.  “None of that.  I may not like my Church giving up on me, but don’t be going off on it like that now.”


“I’m sure she didn’t mean to bring up something bad like that to hurt you,” Tia added.

“Oh, she’s enough of a bitch to do that,” said Georgie.

“Damn straight I am,” said Jenny.  “And I bet when I brought up the two nuns, I was on to something.”

“I won’t say, so don’t ask me.”

“Okay, we won’t.”

The car got very quiet for far too long.

“And you know something else?” Georgie added after a few moments of silence.

“What’s that?”

“Another sign of keeping secrets, is being enough of a bitch to change the topic like that.”

“I think Charlie’s at the edge of his driveway,” said Jenny as she turned the corner, seeing his figure in front of the guts of his neighbor’s house that clogged up the driveway.

“This ain’t over, Red,” said Georgie, as Jenny slowed down to pick him up.  “Damn it to f’n’ hell, I will know what’s going on here, even if it kills me.”

“Hey,” said Charlie as he slid in to the back.  “What’s up here?”

“Just a little girl talk,” said Georgie, with a slight edge to her voice.

Jenny caught herself before she could give a look to the side to Tia, trying not to look guilty in not doing so…

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All content Copyright © 2012 James Ryan


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