Part 070


Jenny took one last look at her crew before she looked up at the laker.

She blinked a few times, trying to gauge whether attaching the two lines to her just made seem bigger, or if the distance from her craft to the larger vessel was really as great as she imagined it was.

She took a breath, put her hands on one of the lines atop the knots and crossed her hands over each other for a few feet before she swung her feet to catch the lines on the other line.

She took a moment, letting the air rushing past her as mist from the wake of the Edward Fitzsimmons kissed her skin, waking her up, making her feel very alive as she took her life in her hands.

Left hand extended out a knot to her left up the line.  Left foot to the next knot.  Right hand to the next knot, right foot to the next knot.  Count to two and do it all again.

Two knots.  Three knots.  Five knots.

She got a glimpse of her launch below her two thirds of the way up, let out an “Aw fu-” and looked at her hands, hard!

Left hand, left foot, right hand, right foot, count one, repeat.

Three more knots.  Four more.  Six more.

Left hand on the deck of the Edward Fitzsimmons, left foot, roll like crazy over onto the laker.

She took one big inhale before she untied the line around her waist, pulled the chain metal ladder tied to it up on deck and secured the head to the rail before she wrapped the line around part of the laker’s deck structure and herself to anchor the ladder.

Georgie came up first, followed by Charlie, Tia, Tomo and Dutch.

“You cut the motor before you boarded?” she asked Dutch.

“Yeah,” he replied.

“Good.  So far it looks like we have good luck.  Now all we nee-”

Jenny wasn’t sure what surprised her harder, the sudden flash of the deck lights going on or the sound of an auto rifle firing…

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All content Copyright © 2012 James Ryan


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