Part 071

Seventy One

“Down!” Jenny screamed as she dove for cover behind the nearest ventilator.

She gave a quick glance to make sure that her crew found cover behind hatches and winches.

Jenny took a deep breath before she shouted, “Rock out!”

Charlie, Tomo and Georgie laid down suppression fire, going for where the area from which the sound of auto fire had come to the sides of the bridge.  As they emptied their clips and mags, Jenny ran astern to port, sprinting where she had to and taking as little time behind cover as she needed.  A few side glances she could grab showed her that Dutch was a few lengths before her to starboard, making good progress towards the bridge.

A few rounds hit the deck before her, and Jenny went prone behind a hatch.  She kept her ears open, listening…

The sound of Dutch’s pistol getting off a few rounds made her pop her head up briefly.  She caught sight of a muzzle flash from aside the bridge as the laker’s defenders fired at Dutch, and made a dash to the deck house.

She looked off to stern and saw the Blood-and-Wine crew closing, only a few hundred feet astern to port.  She tried the hatchway from the main deck up to the bridge, found it locked, then looked for a side lighting spot.

She found one mounted to the aft of the deck house, tried it, and found it was operable.  She flashed the Blood-and-Wine a few times and waited for them to signal.

When she caught Peter waving his arms, she flipped the spot to the side to shine on her, making desperate hand gestures, hoping she could make herself clear.

When she saw Peter turn to Little James, she then furiously made a new set of hand and arm gestures, hoping even harder that she was as clear in making these as she was the earlier communique.

All she had to go on was Peter’s making a big show of raising his hand trying to show off a big thumbs up.  She hoped his god was with her tonight as she dove for the side of the deck house and curled up while waiting for the-

She didn’t have long to wait.  The RPG blew pieces of the smokestack yards to port, with a few chunks landing with a thud to the aft of the deck house.

She gave barely two seconds from the end of the explosion to pop out and scream to the bridge, “Ahoy!  Surrender now before it gets messy!”

“Jesus!” she heard from the bridge.  “Are you trying to kill us?”

“We’re taking the ship!  Stand down and give us access to the bridge!”

“What, and if we don’t, you blow us up, eh?”

“If that’s what it takes to get the ship, aye.”

Two heartbeats later, an angry voice came from the bridge, “Look, little girl, you fire that thing directly at us, the ship becomes scrap, she drifts without power, and this whole sad thing goes to hell almost as fast as the navy showing up.  Think about that!”

“Yeah, I have.  And you know what?  That happens, you won’t be here to see me get stuck in the shit.”

Jenny heard arguments coming down from between the crew on the bridge.

“Let this ‘little girl’ promise you this,” she pressed ahead.  “Whatever happens, whether we get away with this or not, the only way I see you being able to look back on this involves your surrender; otherwise they name a school after you, or whatever they do for heroes up there.”

By then, the rest of her crew was now closer in, taking cover but with a much better bead on the bridge.

“Now throw down your weapons, and come out one at a time.  I guarantee you we just want the ship.  You get to take a launch back home.”

There was a long delay before she received a reply…

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All content Copyright © 2012 James Ryan


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