Part 072

Seventy Two

The silence was unbearable while Jenny and her crew waited for the reply from the bridge of the Edward Fitzsimmons.

“What if they say no?” Dutch asked.

“Let’s hope they’re not that stupid or committed,” she replied.

“How stupid or committed are laker crews?” Georgie asked Tia.

“Can’t say,” Tia replied.  “Never talked to any sailors.”

“Charlie, I saw a gangway aft to port,” said Jenny.  “Let’s get the Blood-and-Wine aboard.”

A few moments after Charlie went to get the other crew, she saw motion from the bridge’s windows.  Georgie, Tomo and Dutch raised their weapons for a second before a voice from the bridge called out, “Okay, okay, calm down.  We have two auto rifles, and two pistols.  We’re pulling out the magazines and sending them down.”

“Smart move,” Jenny replied.  “Once you do that, unlock the hatch to the bridge.”

The four pieces clacked onto the decks just as Charlie brought the Blood-and-Wine up to the rest of the crew and the hatch to the bridge unlocked with a ku-CHOOK.

Jenny led the party up the ladders to the bridge hatch.  She tried the hatch, found it unsecured, and made her way onto the bridge.

She found four members of the crew on the bridge, their hands where she could see them.  “How many more are aboard?” Jenny asked.

“Eleven,” said one, balding with the stripes of his captaincy noted on the collar of the jacket he wore that was doing very little to contain the Hawaiian shirt under it.  “I let them know to stay in lockdown in the crew cabin.  We don’t want to see anyone hurt.”

“No, we don’t.  Now, you’re going to give us what we need to steer the vessel and-”

“Back off!  You!” screamed Tomo as she leveled her auto rifle at one of the crew.

“Tomo?” Jenny asked.

“Get him away from the comm there.  I think he tried to deny acces-  Aw crap,” she said as she came over to the station.

“What, did he lock us out?” Jenny asked as the rest of the pirates moved the crew away from their stations.

Tomo pecked the screen vigorously a few times before she gave a maniacal giggle.  “They wish.  This is as easy to crack as a newspaper site paywall; you guys really didn’t think this’d work, did you?”

“So we have control?”

“Nav, com, security, we can even turn on the galley and make it cook for us from here.”

“What if they’d succeeded?” Peter asked.

“We’d have needed a few minutes to re-chip the motherboard in the mainframe.  It’d piss me off, but it was an option.”

“And if they did piss you off, what would you have done to them?”

“Depends on what I found when I traced-bot their credit histories; the more easy cash, the more mama likes,” said Tomo as she continued to play with the ship master controls.

“Remind me never to make an enemy of you.”

“Speaking of enemies,” Jenny asked, “any sign of the Canadian Navy coming?”

“Not yet.”

“Let’s get us out of here before they do come for the ship.  We all in agreement on that?”

The pirates all assented with hearty approval.

“Wait a minute,” Jenny said.  “Tia; where the hell’s Tia?”

The crews looked around for her but did not find her on the bridge…

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All content Copyright © 2012 James Ryan


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