Part 073

Seventy Three

“Okay,” Jenny said, trying to keep her cool as she addressed the captured crew of the Edward Fitzsimmons, “those eleven; where are they?  Tomo, can you find them?”

“On it,” she replied as she got the internal imaging up on her board and laid out the various views.  “We got four in the galley, five in their rooms-”

“Cabins,” Jenny said under her breath.

“Yeah, there, and… And that’s it.  Wait, one camera’s out; this says ‘ready room.’  Where is that?”

“One deck down,” said the captain.

Jenny put her pistol to his forehead.  “Any tricks and this gets ugly, got me?”

He gulped but kept looking her in the eye, trying to match her ferocity with bravado.

“Andy, Bart,” said Peter, “head on down there.  But be careful.”

Bart’s response consisted of chambering a round in his sawed off shotgun before heading below.

“What if she’s hurt?” Georgie asked.  “Or a hostage?”

“That becomes our problem,” said Jenny.  “His and mine,” she nodded at the laker’s captain.  “Who the hell are you, anyway?”


“Like being a captain, Morton?”

“Not on a night like this,” he replied.

“Look at it this way.  If it’s a good night for me, worse that will happen is, they won’t let you take a ship like this out again.”

“You got a way of making threats, there, eh?”

“Just stating my position,” said Jenny.  “The less hassle, the less stress, the less blood.”

“So how many people have you shot?”

“I don’t keep count.”

Captain Morton looked her up and down, his eyes narrowing as Jenny tried to stare him down…

Up the ladders and on to the bridge came Tia, Andy and Bart.

Captain Morton turned and asked, “My men; what happened?”

“Uh, they’re okay,” said Tia.  “When the guys got there, they were able to save me.  They’re a little beat up, your guys, but they should be fine.”

“Can I speak to them?”

“When they wake up.”  Tia quickly added, “I mean, they hit them hard, right guys?”

“Are you troubled by something, Andy?” Peter asked him.

“Nah,” Jenny quickly jumped in, “I’m sure it’s just some post-fight jitters, right, uh, Andy, ain’t it?”

Andy looked at her and Tia, and said nothing.

“Anyway,” Jenny said quickly, “now that we’re all accounted for, and yours as well, Morton, we just need to get the manifest from you and head for home after we cast you off.”

“Our manifest?  What?”

“What, you thought we’d just pick your wallets and raid your larder?  We want to know what we have here.”

Captain Morton looked at the rest of his bridge crew, then said, “It’s the file in the folder off the main menu mar-”

“Got it,” Tomo replied as she called it up.  She displayed the contents on the main console screen for everyone to read.

Jenny stared for a few moments before she uttered,  “Ho… Lee… Crap…”

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All content Copyright © 2012 James Ryan


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  1. They must be hauling something GOOD or really scary! 🙂

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