Part 074

Seventy Four

“Ho… Lee…  Crap…”  Jenny said.

“Must you say that again?” said Peter.  “It’s the fifth time in the last half hour we’ve heard you come horribly close to taking our Lord’s name in vain.”

“No, but look at this,” said Jenny as she ran her hand over the cargo.  “Have you ever seen so much?  It’s like, like…”

“The Plate Fleet?” Tia offered.

“Damn straight.  I didn’t even think there was this much Alberta Wagyu could be pulled into one place.”

“Must you say ‘damn,’ Jenny?” Peter asked as he followed her example otherwise, running his hand along the side of the sea can marked PERISHABLE with an embedded panel reading “-2°” in large light blue digital numerals.

“Hey, if I knew I was going to get a haul this big today, maybe I’d have prepared better for it.  What do you say when you make a haul this big?”

“Well, I spend most of my time being thankful to Him that I have before me what He offers.”

“So that means, what,” Jenny asked, “that you didn’t see this coming at all, ain’t it?”

“It would seem He chose now to be especially generous.”

“Yeah,” said Georgie with a dour tone.  “We got all the luck in the world, don’t we?”

“How’d you mean?”

“Let’s see, we got six containers worth of prime beef that’ll be a bitch to try and unload and get to the Broadway Market without spoilage.  And that assumes we get anything even close to its value; Buffalo’s no Toronto and can’t give us even half what it’s worth.”

“And if they stayed in their containers and went on to Toronto, like the manifest says they should,” Jenny tapped the sea can, “we’d have a whole lot of nothing to split with your crew, eh Pete?”

“Which brings us back to the problem,” Georgie continued, “of how we’re going to unload this haul.”

“She does have a point,” said Peter.  “Eighty seven tons of beef, even such pristine and valued meat as this, is going to most likely spoil if we sit on it, unable to get the best possible price.”

“Not to mention it’s a pretty hot commodity,” Georgie added.  “If the owners don’t come after us just on the general principle of it, there’s lots of folks in Buffalo too hungry for a score like this.”

“Hungry being the right word,” Peter added.  “The haul at even a tenth the value could feed hundreds in alms for some time, which would stir plenty of greed in most people’s hearts.”

Both of them were quiet as they waited for Jenny to say something.

“Hungry, huh?” Jenny finally replied, with deliberate slowness.

“Yes, I…” Peter started to say before the scales slowly fell from his eyes.

“Wait, what?” Georgie asked as Jenny’s smile widened…

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All content Copyright © 2012 James Ryan


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