Part 075

Seventy Five

“So what do you think?” Jenny asked.

There was no response over the speakers on the bridge.

“You there?  Over,”  Jenny added as she spoke into the mike.

There was a clack on the radio before Shaun replied, “So let me see if I have this right.  You had a talk with Peter about this?”

“Yes, she did,” Peter replied into the mike.

“And you’re both on board with this?”

“Yes,” said Jenny.

“So you looked at the manifest, found you had 175 tons of top-ass beef worth maybe tens of millions of dollars, maybe the high end of that even.”

“Not to mention seventeen thousand tons of corn,” said Peter.

“Right, right, stuff that’s no slouch either, all of this meant to get on its way to Europe.  And you want to just… give it all away?”

“Think about this,” said Jenny.  “It’s way more cargo than we can unload fast enough, especially the Wagyu; the minute we keep going in and out of the refrigeration units that stuff starts to spoil badly, and we’d never get it all sold off before that happened.”

“Okay, yeah, I can see that.”

“And there’s holding this ship, too,” Jenny jumped in quickly.  “One good spec team from the Canadian side could probably take us all down, and if Ottawa gets all bitchy it’d probably make our government send a terror response team to do us in to keep Canada from invading.”

“Well, yeah, but-”

“But look at it this way:  We unload the minute we hit shore for everyone to get something to eat, get us a big party right by the water with this huge cook-out, and it gets us a cargo moved out of our hands quickly in exchange for a huge, and I mean a HUGE, rep.  And a rep like this, we’d be closer to royalty than even the West Side high-enders over on Delaware; the name West Seneca Crew would be one with awe.”

“And the Blood and Wine, too, right?” Shaun asked.  “Got to imagine you’d be looking forward to being princes of Buffalo along with us?”

Peter replied, “I live by the advice, ‘Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment,’ so princedom’s not my ultimate goal.”

“So if that’s not what you want, then what?”

“The chance to feed the hungry.  And if they just happen to be sated with fine meat, it was meant to be.”

After too long a period of radio silence, Shaun finally said, “Well, it seems like you both have something big planned there.  And the crews are all on board, I take it?”

“Both sets, yes,” said Jenny.

“So what did you need from me, then?”

“To get the word out.  Have as many people at Broadway Market bring everyone they can.  Get them ready to show on a few moments’ notice; we’re texting the location to you now.”

“Okay… Got it.  How fast can you get there?”

“How fast can you get a hoard of hungry people to show?”

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All content Copyright © 2012 James Ryan


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  1. Such NICE pirates! 🙂

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