Part 076

Seventy Six

“So this is what a month’s rent tastes like,” said Jenny, trying not to choke on the mouthful of Wagyu hamburger.

“Beer!  Beer, over here!” said Tomo, getting a full round for the whole crew before she could finish her sentence.

“You sure you don’t want a drink?” Dutch asked Georgie.  “All the Blood-and-Wine people are drinking up a storm.”

“Never really picked up a taste for drink,” Georgie replied.  “And this would be a really bad time to have that happen.”


“Um… How does that go again, Charlie?”

“Oh, yeah,” said Charlie, “It’s ‘Whom gods destroy, they make proud first,’ you mean?”

“That’s it, yeah.  Thanks.”

“Pride?” Dutch asked.  “Say what?”

“Y’know,” Georige replied, “about getting too good before it gets bad, y’know?”

“Say what?”

“Hey,” said Tomo as she wrapped Dutch in her arms, “no killing the party, you got that?”

Jenny watched between swallows of high end beef and beer as Dutch and Tomo got intimate in the light of the fire, ignored by the thousands who turned out to meet the two crews coming ashore.

“I cannot believe your boyfriend got as many people here to meet us as he did,” said Peter as he came up to Jenny’s side.  “The crowd looked bigger than the one He shared the loaves and fishes with.”

“Yeah, Shaun can be very persuasive.  He can get you to sleep with him even if you were straight your-  Oh, God, sorry.”

“You sound bitter, Jenny.”

“Well…  Look at ‘em.  Thousands of people here, all the folk Shaun got to come.  A lot of them ready the second we got within yards of the launch ready to crack open the sea cans and get the Wagyu ground up into burgers, people able to make this an instant party.  Hell, I didn’t know Buffalo still had this many bands and DJs who could come on short notice.  I mean, thousands of people, right in a second.”

Peter looked around and then said, “And the fact that he’s not with you is a problem, I see.”

“Well, yeah!  The biggest score on the lake, and the man who helped make you the biggest f’n’ pirate Buffalo ever saw, he’s not here?  What, did he go off and find someone else to do?  Did he get drunk and fall into the lap of some young thing, trying to do her?  I mean, really?  I got to deal with this crap right now?”

“Perhaps he has a good reason for his delay that’s keeping him from being here for you.”

“Oh come on!  You know Shaun, what do you think?”  Jenny snapped.

“I prefer to have faith than to think; there’s little comfort in the latter.”

Jenny thought better about what to say to that, deciding to get a little more proactive and scanning the crowd to see who might be keeping Shaun from getting his ass on over where it should have been.

There were plenty of young ladies who looked to be his type.  All of them looked to be as easily swayed by roguish charms as she had been, and half of them took off their tops to let their charms bounce about as they danced.  And despite the large number of likely targets, not a sign of Shaun was about.

“Are you seeing what I see?” Charlie asked.

“Where is he?” Jenny asked.

“Over there, coming straight in from the edge of the crowd.”

“I don’t see him; where?”

“Right there; he just asked for directions from those two girls.”

Jenny looked harder, but didn’t see Shaun.

She did catch sight of Russell with two officers, and only just then realized who Charlie was pointing out as he came up to her.

“Come with me,” said Detective Johnson as he greeted Jenny…

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All content Copyright © 2012 James Ryan


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