Part 077

Seventy Seven

“What the hell?” Jenny asked.

“Come on,” said Detective Johnson.  “We have to go.”

“What the hell?” Georgie asked.  “What, you trying to arrest us, cop?  Huh?”

Georgie’s challenge started to draw the attention of the crowd, despite the loud music and hedonistic trances of everyone around them.  Some of the people making sure that the West Seneca and Blood and Wine Crews got as many Wagyu burgers and drinks as they wanted put down their implements and took notice.

“Hey, cop,” asked one of the grillers, a big fellow with arms as wide around as the lines barely holding the Edward Fitzsimmons to the dock.  “You the guy who took my brother downtown?”

“Want to come down to lockup with me and look for him?”  Russell replied, clicking a set of handcuffs in his hands.

The flash of the cuffs drove people to their feet, which drove the two cops with the detective to put their hands on the hilts of their service pieces.

“Hey hey hey,” Jenny said.  “We don’t need a riot.  We know none of the cops here are going to make it out alive if they pull something, so I’m going to give you guys a chance to just smile and behave themselves before this crowd gets ugly on your blue asses.”

Russell and the cops looked around warily as the crowd stayed their hand but glowered at them.

“Okay boys,” Jenny continued,  “Five.”

Russell cast her an annoyed glance.

“Four,” she continued.  “Three…”

“Stand down,” Russell said to the officers by his side.  The cops slowly raised their hands from their pieces, and the crowd responded by softening their stances.

“There,” said Jenny with a smile, “now that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“I still need to talk with you, Ms. DiNapoli,” said Detective Johnson.

“Oh?  Does BPD now cover calls about acts of high piracy?  Are you guys responding to calls from over in Canada?  Let me guess, the Canadian Navy needs someone to do their work for them here, huh?”

Russell held up his hands with a smile.  “Okay, you got me:  All this time, I’ve been with the Canadian Navy, eh?  I’m really the commander of an aircraft carrier, but I do this on the side for beer money, eh?”

As some of the crowd laughed, Jenny asked, “Well then, Admiral, are you hear for a beer and a burger?”

“Maybe later, but I do need to speak with the girl of the hour here.  You all mind if I take her along with me for a few?”

“Why, what did she do?” someone in the crowd asked.

“Just a few parking tickets we need to straighten out, that’s all,” Russell said with a smile.  “You can have her back in just a few; I won’t be long with her.”

“Hey pig,” someone in the crowd called out, “you want to do that with her, I can get you a quiet spot.”

“Hey hey now,” said Jenny to her audience.  “No need to get this way.  I can get this taken care of quickly and be back in just a few.  You know how the cops like to take their cut in private.”

“Make sure he works for your cut, girl!” someone called out as Jenny started to go with Russell.

“What the hell?” Tia asked.

“It’s going to be okay,” she replied.  “And if you don’t hear from me in an hour, start a riot or something.”

When Jenny got back to Russell’s car, she asked, “What the hell, Russell?”

“I’m not in the mood for this, okay?” he replied.

“Russell, you-”

“Look, we have some crap to deal with, so let’s just get this over with.”

Jenny was stunned by the hard look Russell gave her, saying nothing as he drove her away from her triumph…

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All content Copyright © 2012 James Ryan


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