Part 079

Seventy Nine


The edges of Jenny’s field of vision were red, throbbing, beating, beating hard.  The part of her that wanted to break down and cry was screaming in pain, because the part of her too f’n’ angry to allow her to fall apart was slapping that weaker part hard, shoving her head against the wall to make her submit until there was blood.

There must be blood…

Only her crew noticed she’d come back; the rest of the party celebrating the Wagyu from the Edward Fitzsimmons had nearly run out of steam.  The only ones left were the greedy and the over-indulgers, too stuffed, drunk, high and/or stupid to make their exit.  All the energy that they’d spent to be spent themselves, Jenny felt like she’d sucked it all from them.

And it all demanded blood…

“Get your asses together!” she snapped.  “We’re going out!”

“To, wha, the after-party?” Dutch asked.

“No, back out there!  We need to find Big Bobby!”

“What?” Georgie asked.

“What the-?” Tomo asked.

“It’s Big Bobby; I want him in pieces over the lake!”

“Wha- Why?” Charlie asked.

“Because that bastard stuffed my boyfriend in the fridge!”

“Wha- Shaun, what?” Georgie asked.

Jenny tried her best to stay calm as she got her crew up to speed.  The fact that Georgie and Tia needed the least help, not needing to go over a few points more than once to penetrate the party-induced buzz, helped keep Jenny from losing what composure she had as she rallied her crew.

“But now?” Tia asked.  “Are you sure you-”

“Now!” Jenny snapped.  “I will NOT allow him to get away with this!”

“B-but I thought the other guy…” Dutch started to say, stopping his question to keep the contents of his stomach from making a hasty trip through his mouth.

“As Jenny said before,” Georgie interjected, “they got the weasel from Broadway Market, but the other guy made a run for it.  And what the cops who saw him and Kosmidis said, about him coming ashore to help with the hit, a large dark guy with a scraggly beard.”

“And if it ain’t Big Bobby,” said Jenny, “it could be one of his Haradhere doing it for him.  Either way, Bobby’s got to be close.”

“But Jenny,” said Tia, “are you sure now- I mean, look at these people,” she swept her hand over the West Seneca Crew.  “Three of them are in no shape to take a boat out there.  That’s just asking for it!”

“Yeah, I’m asking,” she growled.  “I’m asking that we go get the guy responsible for killing one of our own.  I am not letting this go unanswered!”

“But what about, I mean what if you don’t-”  Tia closed her mouth hard before Jenny could hear what she started to say.

“I’ve watched these people do some pretty amazing things when they were even more drunk off their asses than this,” Georgie said, warily eyeing Tia.

“Yeah,” said Tomo, “an’ what Big Bobby did, stuffing Shaun in the fridge like that, that, that’s just not right, no.”

“Hell no,” said Charlie.  “And if we can get him now, then we get him now.”

“See?” said Jenny.  “What, you’re worried here?”

Tia said nothing; she just stared hard at Jenny, while Georgie cast her a glance.

“Now let’s get the boat and hit the water,” said Jenny.

“We gave the laker crew our boat,” said Tia, half under her breath. “So they could get to Canada.”

“So we do what pirates have always done,” said Jenny.  “Let’s steal a boat!”

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All content Copyright © 2012 James Ryan


One Response to “Part 079”

  1. Jenny should know that revenge is a dish best served COLD! 🙂

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