Part 080


“So how pissed is Peter going to be when he finds out you nicked his boat?” Tia asked.

“He’s into the whole ‘turn-the-other-cheek’ thing,” Jenny growled.

“I think he’d be more concerned about losing the other stuff he has here.  Emergency inflatable dinghy; can’t say he didn’t prepare for the worst, eh?  Even has a small motor to go with it.”

“Nice to know if a disaster hits,” she growled.

Georgie worked her way to the stern.  “I’m not seeing anything,” she reported.  “Big Bobby may have had too much of a head start.”

“Keep looking!  Between all of you, you should be seeing something out there!”

“You do know that ‘all of us’ is just Georgie and me, right?” Tia pointed out.  “Tomo, Dutch and Charlie are in no condition to be good watches.”

“So that leaves more for the two of you to do.  And then rouse them before the shooting starts.”

“She’s right,” said Georige, “and the way Dutch just threw up overboard, I wouldn’t trust him with a gun right now.”

“And I am not giving up a chance to go after Big Bobby!  I have to get him!”

“Don’t pull an f’n’ Ahab on me!” Tia screamed.

“I got to agree with her, for once,” Georgie said.  “He’s a piece of crap, but you got to do this smart.”

“But he killed Shaun!” Jenny screamed.

“Who was crap too, an abusive drunk that didn’t deserve you!” Georgie screamed.  “And now this is going to get us all killed!”

“But we can’t let him get away with it!  We have to do something!”

“But now’s not the time for that!”

“No it definitely isn’t!” shouted Tia.  “Not now it’s not!”

“What?” Jenny answered.  “You can’t tell me now-”

“Yes, now!  Which means we stop this here!”

“Exactly,” said Georige.  “Now let’s stop this and-”

Georgie’s eyes widened before Jenny realized that her pistol was in Tia’s left hand, arm extended.

“You,” said Tia to Georgie, “you can take this boat back, right?”

“What the hell…?” Georige asked.

“But-” Jenny started to say.

“Now!” Tia demanded, a deep timbre emerging from her as she barked her word.

Jenny started to pitch forward, the suddenness of it all making her crash.  “Wha- Tia, are you-”

The last thing Jenny registered was the back of Tia’s hand as knuckles met nose, the red edges of her vision interrupted by sparks of white…






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One Response to “Part 080”

  1. I’m glad Tia took action before they all got slaughtered. I like the new strength that she shows here, too…unless she’s a spy! 🙂

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