Part 081

Eighty One








Jenny didn’t fully appreciate how quick or thorough Tia could be.

The quick improvised hood over her head, the plastic restraints on her wrists keeping her hands together, how fast she got Peter’s inflatable boat in the water and her in that boat, the hotwired car, the occasional nudge and kick to keep her off-balance; everything Tia did to keep Jenny from reacting was, in the back of Jenny’s mind, noted from a professional standpoint.  Not personally, just professionally; keeping some distance from the reality helped.

The first moment Jenny got to be an actor in her own drama again came when the hood slipped a few hours later.  By now, by the time Jenny could get a sense of where she was, she was definitely inland, in someone’s bathroom.

No idea whose, or why it was a bathroom.

Jenny’s anger took over, grasping the slim moment she had, and she lunged forward.  She didn’t fully take in that it was Tia’s gut she caught with her shoulder until both their bodies bounced off the door to the bathroom.

Jenny’s attention fell to the clack on the floor.  Her eyes caught the cause, a shiny silver rectangle.  The etching was readable for just a brief moment…

Tia snatched it up and shoved Jenny against the wall.

“Of all the…” Jenny started to say.  “You never-”

“Nope,” Tia replied, cutting her off curtly.

Jenny charged, but this time Tia’s hand chopped the side of her neck as she put her foot to Jenny’s knee, bringing her down hard.  She was in no position to resist as Tia wiped her face with a washcloth.

Jenny barely caught a glimpse of Tia’s face before the hood was placed over her head again.  There was a deep cold gaze in Tia’s eyes, something Jenny had never seen before, something she regretted seeing…





By the time Jenny stopped feeling the distracting prods and kicks, what felt like hours later, when the subtle and overt assaults ended, she was sitting.

Wherever it was, her seat was comfortable.  The sound of crackling and smell of burning wood caught her off guard; wherever this was, it seemed nicer than she thought it was going to be…

“I wouldn’t touch that,” she heard Tia say.  “Not until we’re finished here.”

“I see,” Jenny heard a man reply.  “And are you sure about her?”


“I should at least see her face before I-”

“As I said, not a good idea,” Tia replied, the tough timbre in her voice there.

“And you expect to get paid if I don’t inspect the merchandise?”

Jenny did not like the sound of that…

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All content Copyright © 2012 James Ryan


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