Part 082

Eighty Two

Jenny considered her options, none of which were good.

The restraints Tia used on her wrists, trying her hands behind her, cut down on a lot of her choices.  The prods and bumps made her sore, disorienting her even after they stopped.  The hood made it impossible to see and hard to hear anything going on around here, except for Tia and the man to whom she had been delivered.

“You try and take of the hood, you’re going to regret it,” Tia told the man in her stern tone.

“Are you threatening me, in my house?” he asked.

“Stating a warning, actually.  The hood comes off, she may try something. And the cuts on my face you’re seeing, she caused those before we got here.”

Jenny smiled a little at that tidbit.

“But what, you saying I can never remove the hood?  That that’s got to stay on her head the whole time?”

“Just don’t take it off now, eh?  Tell you what, I get paid, get out of your way, you take the hood off when she’s less likely to bite you, when she’s calmed down.”

“I didn’t get where I am by trusting stupidly, young lady,” the man curtly replied.

“What, you didn’t get the pics I sent before I got here?  The brief I sent from the road when I acquired her, you didn’t get that?”

“And how do I know those match her?”

“Oh for the love of-” Tia swore.  “All right, you got a camera system all around the house, eh?  You can watch me every step of the way, right?”


“So you give me my payment, I wait at the front door right in front of the camera for five minutes-”

“Until I’m satisfied,” he countered.

“Okay, then maybe you send me a text, and I’m on my way.  But I get paid now before I go out the front door to wait while you get satisfied.”

Jenny heard what sounded like thick heavy coins jingle.  There was a pop to the side, the sound of logs collapsing in the fire keeping her from hearing some of the exchange.

“..Eight, nine, ten…  Yep, that’s all there,” she heard Tia say.  “Gold maples, like you promised.”

“I keep my word.  And for your sake, I hope you do as well.”

“Give me a few moments to get out of the room, let you two be alone, and you can see then.”

Jenny heard a door close, maybe lock.  She thought she heard what sounded like a glass fill with some drink and a stopper being put back on a bottle between fire pops.

“Okay, miss,” said the man.  “If I remove the hood, and you try anything, I do have security that can come if things get out of hand, so let’s keep that in mind, shall we?”

Jenny said nothing; she tried to listen to the popping noises to guess where the fireplace was, get as much of a sense of the room as she could before the hood-

“Now let’s see what we have here…”

The hood was slowly removed, and she saw his face for the first time.  He was middle aged, his hair receding.  His face seemed to get smaller as his eyes went between sharpening to get all the details in place and widening to take her all in.

Jenny did her own work with her eyes, taking in his particulars.  His chin, the line of his nose, the particulars she needed to know.

He led her hood fall to the floor as he kept looking hard at her.

Jenny replied, “Dad…?”

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All content Copyright © 2012 James Ryan


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