Part 090


“So I guess we’re at a stalemate,” Jenny’s father said.  “It’s not like I can ask you to trust me, because of where you were, raised by your mother and her mom, after I left there with a lot of bad feelings on their parts.”

“Okay,” said Jenny, “I’ll buy that.”

“Likewise, I can’t say if I ask you about your past that you’re going to give me everything, because beyond the stuff I’d expect you to omit like your boyfriends, or maybe your girlfriends, you’d also keep from me what you did as a pirate, who you robbed, who you killed-”

“No one,” she interrupted.  “I never took another person’s life.”

He looked deeply at her before he said, “That I can believe, seeing how you reacted.  Hard to believe, yes, considering the type of life that is, but I do believe you.”

“Hey, I won’t say I never wanted to kill someone, and God knows how many folk I really, really wanted to see dead.  But I could never make that leap, I just couldn’t go and actually kill.”

“Now why is that, I wonder?”

“Maybe it was the nuns in school,” Jenny gave a half shrug.  “Maybe it was Nana’s Virgin Mary statue over the sink keeping an eye on me.  Maybe I just don’t have what I need to kill, I mean really kill.  Sure, I could pull a piece on you and threaten you, but pull the trigger, that’s a little tougher.”

“But you could pull a gun on me, then, right?”

“Uh, I mean…  Crap, you know what I… Ah f’n’ hell…”

“So there you have it,” he replied.  “We’re both together, with a lot about each other we don’t know if we can handle or want to hear.  Both sharing pasts we don’t want or think we can share with each other.  A common ground defined by a separating wall.”

“Yeah, I guess.  Sucks, right?”

“Jenny, I’ve built very good business relations with people I just don’t get into it with.  Some people, a lot of Russian clients, a few ex-Chinese Politburo members, they rather you never ask them anything beyond the name they tell you to call them, and they are more than willing to work with you.  And if I can build business dealings on that, who’s to say that we can’t be a family if we go in with a clean slate?”

“A what?” Jenny finally asked.

“I’m willing to never ask you about your past, just take you in.  I don’t know if I want to know everything, so I won’t ask you and you won’t have to tell me anything.  And the only thing you have to trust me on, is that when you come here you will have a home and all the support you could ever want.”

“All of it?”

“Anything,” he offered.  “Any food, any clothes, any media, college, you name it.”

“And you’re willing to do this for me, no questions asked?”

“No questions, whatsoever.”

“And you never ask these business contacts of yours about their pasts, either?”  She asked him.

“They certainly won’t tell me if I asked.”

“But do you ever ask?”

“They won’t tell me themselves, no,” he said as he finished his drink.

There was a long, long silence before Jenny asked, “Can I sleep on this?”

“Of course.  Let me show you to your room…”

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All content Copyright © 2012 James Ryan


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