Part 096

Ninety Six

“So he knows where your mom is?” Tia asked.

Jenny took the scotch Tia poured her and downed half of it before she could start to relate what Russell told her.

“You were talking about smuggling girls across the border, earlier,” said Jenny.  “Abe Harker, from what Russell found out, that’s a big line for him.  Supposedly that is a really big line for him.”

“So where is she, eh?”

“Russell showed him a picture of her.  Standard with any possible leads, and Harker’s guys have that rep, so he had to, ain’t it?”

“But does he know where she is?” Tia asked, a little agitated at the delay.

“The guy said she looked familiar.  Russell had some age progressed images, and he thought he’d seen her recently.”

“But where?  Did he actually see her, in the flesh?”

“According to this piece of crap,” said Jenny, “Harker didn’t rotate her out to a buyer.  He said she was there as part of the operation.”

“What?  She works for him?”

“Not willingly, not from what Russell said he said to him.  He said she was there since he joined Harker’s crews.  She supposedly fusses over any of the girls Harker grabs to send to his clients, tries to keep them from getting hurt by the guys.”

“So she’s what?” said Tia. “The matron of the harem?”

Jenny sighed.  “You ready for something?  This guy, Russell said this guy called her ‘Mama.’  Swear to you.”

“That’s unreal.  But why does she stay with him?”

“I don’t know.  I hope like hell she’s not there by choice.  She tells me she wants to be there, so help me I’m jus-”

“Whoa, whoa,” Tia cut in.  “Back up; what’s this?”

“Yeah.  I’m going back and getting her out of there.”

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All content Copyright © 2013 James Ryan


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