Part 098

Ninety Eighty

“Suwhrutugusleep this off,” Jenny heard.

Jenny lifted her head from the table; however many drinks there had been between… between then and now, whenever ‘then’ was, she wasn’t sure.  About the only thing she could focus on had been coming here to the Bombardier Lounge to catch up/confront Tia, getting up to speed…

…and now feeling like the target of a stealth assassin drone’s payload, doing to her head what she’d seen government-posted footage of them doing to Mexican rebel leaders when she watched the news.

She looked over at Tia, who was barely keeping her head off the table despite it resting on both her forearms in front of her.

“Isall thedrin up here that much stungr?” Jenny asked.

“I thin we jusot too innooit widee drinks,” Tia replied, sounding to Jenny like she was on the other side of a sewer pipe under the road trying to talk over the traffic.

“So where you two going?”

Jenny finally registered the third person, a guy standing at the end of the table looking down on them.  She couldn’t make out much because of the low light in the lounge; the sharp edges of his flat haircut standing out in the shadows just confused her more.

“And who are…?” Jenny asked, trying to cut the haze.

“They’re closing up,” he replied. “Throwing everyone out.  You two could use a ride, eh?”

“Na, wegoo,” Jenny said with a little strain.

“What, you two are just going to walk on out of here like that?”

“SurIcn,” Jenny said as she shakily got herself a few inches off her chair —

-and collapsed back down into it.

“C’mon,” he said, as he started to put her right arm over his shoulders.

Jenny gripped the table.  “BuI with her,” she insisted.  “We go together.”

“Okay,” he replied, and with his free right arm scooped Tia up as well.  The feel of Tia’s arm next to her, atop it while the man’s shoulders were beneath, started to wake Jenny up a bit as she and Tia were more lifted than dragged away from the table and out the door.

“So where are you two ladies staying again?” he asked.  “Where do I drop you two off?”

“The Pye-Hu,” said Tia, “on Wellington.”

“Hope you have two rooms there,” he replied.  “Those Korean Skimpy-Suites, I can barely stretch my arms all the way out if I ever try there.”

“We like it,” Jenny said, trying to sound more aware than she felt.

Going out into the dark, the loss of light made it harder to concentrate.  She barely traced in her mind the number of steps between going out the door to getting in his car.

And a few more jumps took place as she started to doze…

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All content Copyright © 2013 James Ryan


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