Part 100

One Hundred

“Jenny,” Tia asked, “how much do you remember about what happened tonight?”

Jenny got to her feet but stayed crouched, waiting and coiled just in case.

“Well?” Tia asked.

“It’s been a long night,” said Jenny.  “I got smuggled on over, I met my dad, we had it out, we had a few drinks, maybe too many, and now we’re out…  Okay, what am I missing?”

“So you don’t still want to go to Cleveland?”

“F’n’ hell yeah I do!”

“And you don’t remember me asking you to back off on that?” Tia asked.  “Because we can’t just go in there with our fists?”

“So what is this, you kidnapping me to get me to calm down?”

“You insisted, I asked you to take a drink and relax.  You know you’re an evil little creep when you get too drunk, right?”

“No one ever tells me that,” said Jenny.  “I usually only really went for it with Shaun when we were alon-”

“And you also go into way too much detail about him when you’re drunk, too, so focus here.  Short version:  You wouldn’t stop until we started going after them, so here we are.”

“Who’s we?”

“Hey, c’mere, eh?” Tia called out, and the man who drove them into the woods showed up.  “This is Ian.  We served together in the Sally Horse.”

“You were making such a scene, eh?” Ian said to Jenny, who relaxed her coiled legs slightly.  “The way you were going on back there, I was thinking I had to do something to keep you quiet.”

“And what did you do to m-” Jenny asked as she reflectively patted herself down.  “Hey, where’s my gold coins?”

“You said you’d pay anything to get back at Abe Harker,” said Tia.

“And what did I buy with my money?”

“Keep your voice down, eh?” Ian asked.  “It’s pretty quiet out here, but we’re not that far away from everyone.”

“You wanted to get at Harker, and you just couldn’t wait,” said Tia.  “Five times I asked you, and each time you insisted.”

“Are you still going after Harker, then?” Ian asked.  “Now that you’re not as out of it, I mean?”

“Big f’n’ yeah, but what did you sell me.”

“So you don’t remember that at all?” Tia asked.

“All I got is some… weird-ass dream about your heroine, Laura Secord, when I got tired.  I don’t think she looked like you, but if she did, that’d be too f’n’ strange.”

Ian started to chuckle.

“What’s so funny?”

“Y’know,” he said, “now I finally get it.  Why they called it that, it finally hits me.”

“Called it what?”

“What we’re doing, why they chose that acronym.  ‘Secord’ sounding like C-COrd, C, C, Ord, now I finally really get it.”

“C C wha’?” Jenny asked.

“Canadian Civilian ORDnance,” said Ian.  “After the last war, there was a plan, have a few people know about where some arms are buried and ready to use, because when the Yanks come back they might do a better job of it, and have them ready to work the back end of the field like Tia and I did.”

“Ian owed me a few times over,” said Tia, “both in and out of battle, and the amount of gold you had to offer him and what he owed me, he thought it was worth breaking the Security of Information Act.”

“So what exactly is this C-Cord I bought?”  Jenny asked.

“Not the whole thing,” said Ian as he started to move aside some of the underbrush to reveal a large ring in the ground which he started to tug until it made a “cu-CLICK” noise.  “Only enough that you two can carry, because I’m going to have to get some of these pieces replaced.  You get that, and in return you stay the hell out of my local.”

“So what do I get a chance to carry wit-” Jenny started to say as she went into the hole in the ground.

She stopped in mid-sentence as the lights went on and the cache came into sight.

Her eyes fell on the automatic rifles.


They drifted to the crates of grenade ordnance.


And then they found at the end of the line the man-portable launch tubes.


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All content Copyright © 2013 James Ryan


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  1. Congrats on your Centennial chapter! 🙂

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