Part 101

One Hundred One

“You really are a bit of a brat,” Tia said yet again.

Jenny didn’t reply right off; she was too busy positioning the bags of arms along the keel line to keep the boat steady.

“Uh-huh,” she finally replied as the bags were rearranged down the keel, assault weapons and pistols toward the bow, then the man-portable tubes, and finally the grenade and launch ordnance astern.

“There’s no way only two of us could use all of this to go after Harker,” Tia noted.  “Have you given any thought about that?”

“We have everything loaded and ready to use within reach.  We use the rocket propelled stuff to soften him up from offshore, the grenades as we ride in, the rifles on auto to clear that, and then the pistols to clean up.  It’s kind of like the plan the British used to go after the pirates in Baltimore.”

“Didn’t the British lose when they tried that?”

“Ah,” said Jenny, “the British announced they were coming, and the Americans were expecting something.  As far as Big Bobby and Abe Harker know, I’m in no position to come after them, so they won’t be expecting us showing up.”

“And are you sure you know where Harker holes up?  Is this verified?”

“He and Big Bobby kept bragging about it.  He’s has to have the city of Cleveland so tight by the balls that he can just brag about it like that.”

“And maybe with a tight enough perimeter over the water that he can be open about where he is,” said Tia, “which is why I don’t know if I like it so much.”

“And what are we going to do, huh?  Come ashore and go by land, which might be at least as well guarded?  I’d feel better if we went for him from out on the water; that way we’d have at least a slightly better chance.”

“Based on what?”

“Based on where we’d do best on where I’ve had more luck,” said Jenny.

Tia stared at her for a while before shaking her head.  “Such a brat…”

“Hey, you’re still here, right?  So maybe I’m on to something, ain’t it?”

“All I know is, since you decided to go after Harker instead of staying with your dad, is that the last thing I feel I could live with is you throwing away your life alone.”

Jenny took a few moments after Tia replied to ask her, “And you think you can keep me safe?”

“I don’t want to see you die alone, okay?”

Jenny said nothing, and the two women proceeded out over the dark waters of Lake Erie.

As the shore disappeared, Jenny finally said, “You stole a nice boat.”

“Yeah, I guess I did.”

“You’d make a pretty good pirate, you know.”

“Go on.”

Jenny let it lie there and said nothing until she heard the sound of motors to port…

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All content Copyright © 2013 James Ryan


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