Part 102

One Hundred Two

Jenny cut the motor as the sound of small craft to port got louder.

“How many you make?” Jenny asked.

Tia took a few moments to listen.  “Two- yeah, I think I’m hearing two out there.  About half a click, give or take.”

“They probably heard us and are coming this way, ain’t it?”

“Yeah.  Both of them about the same size as ours, I think, from the sound of them.”

Jenny moved along the keel towards the bow and got out two auto rifles.  “Hold this,” she said in a loud whisper as she passed one to Tia, “let me get some more clips together.”

“What do you think they are?” Tia asked as she inserted a clip in hers.

“Same size as us, before sunrise, could be smugglers or pirates.”

“Our choices?”

“If it’s smugglers, they’ll veer off if we show some fangs.”

“And if they’re pirates?” Tia asked.

“Here’s where we get some practice for Cleveland.  Nervous?”

Tia answered by chambering a round in the auto rifle.  “Assume you stay low and brace on the keel if you have to go full auto fire?”

“Yeah, but try to shoot fore or aft.  The recoil straight off the side, you don’t want to have to deal with.”

“If you go full auto, you mean?”

“Yeah,” said Jenny, “why?”

“Don’t need to do that.”


“Didn’t get that lighter by just throwing suppression fire, eh?” Tia noted.

Jenny didn’t reply as the two craft came closer in.  She watched as one of the boats cast a spot from the bow, watching as the light made a few bounces along the surface before coming on their boat…

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All content Copyright © 2013 James Ryan


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