Part 103

One Hundred Three

Jenny had a few choices when the spot hit her boat:

She could have fired straight at the person holding the spot.  That would have started a flash fight right there on the water, and put herself and Tia at a disadvantage; there had been a clear spot on the two of them, and they would have been firing where the light that blinded them for second had been.  A small advantage for them, but enough of one when the shooting started.

She could have surrendered, and taken her chances.  Maybe they’d only want to check what she had; all the ordnance would be gone, right off, and that would have been the best outcome.  Not a good choice, not now, never really was.

She could have told Tia to take a few shots, despite being blinded by the spot, while she got the motor going and tried to make a break-

To where?  Canada, where the people Tia stole the boat from were probably looking for them?  Past the two boats to the States? If they got past them, then what?  Lay low with Nana for a while, try to find any West Seneca and try to explain what happened out on the water?  Try to rebuild and get back on track with going after Abe and Big Bobby-

Assuming they got past these two boats-

And it all became clearer when Jenny heard from behind the spot,  “Hey, you on the water, stay there!”

“Damnit, Tomo, you say ‘Ahoy!’ when you put the spot on someone!” Jenny cried when she recognized who was holding that light.

Tomo lowered the spot, giving Jenny a chance to clear the spots from her eyes and better see who she was facing.

Tomo, Charlie, Dutch and Georgie were in one boat; watching the four of them soften their stances and lower their guns gave Jenny reason to relax slightly.

“Well this is a surprise,” Jenny heard from the other craft.

Seeing it was Peter Simon and the rest of his Blood and Wine Crew didn’t give her as much hope as the last boat had…

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All content Copyright © 2013 James Ryan


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