Part 104

One Hundred Four

The three boats drifted closer to each other in silence.

Like leaves falling off a tree that wasn’t going to survive this year’s drought, they slowly gathered on the water with only the slightest twirl askance from their sterns, coming close enough together that anyone still upset over stolen boats and hijackings could have settled things with knives.

Jenny’s eyes adjusted to the incidental glow of the cast spot, and could see the determined concern in Peter Simon’s eyes.

“I don’t suppose the whole ‘turn-the-other-cheek’ thing applies here,” Jenny said, unenthusiastically.

“Well,” said Peter Simon, “I could go and cite from Exodus 22 where it says that thieves are supposed to pay back double when they’re caught.”

“So I get you two dinghies, we’re square?”

She didn’t like that he didn’t smile at that; if anything his face got even more clenched.

“I think we have a bad situation right now,” said Charlie.  “First the whole borrowed boat thing you insisted on, which we had to explain to the guys here was you getting royally pissed at Big Bobby.”

“Which I was,” said Jenny.  “No, actually, I still am; I still want to turn him into chum and throw him all across the lake.”

“The only thing that kept Peter here and his crew from taking it out on us, was that Georgie got their boat back to the States and made sure to give that back to them.”

“Thanks,” Jenny said with a nod to her.

Georgie didn’t look Jenny in the eyes.

“And then there’s her,” Charlie pointed at Tia with the tip of his auto rifle, keeping it on her unsteadily.  “Kidnapping’s a pretty bold thing to do, right out in the middle of the lake.”

“And we’re thinking she’s got you held somewhere,” said Peter Simon, “and that we need to come rescue you.  Which, looking at the two of you together, makes me think we might be wrong.”

“Be a bit of a problem,” said Charlie, “the way we got all worked up over you, our coming together and roaming out to your rescue, if it ends up you didn’t need a rescue.”

“It’s not like you’re all tied up and helpless there, Jenny,” said Georgie.

“Disappointed?”  Tia asked.

“Aw crap,” Jenny muttered as both crews started to raise their weapons against them…

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All content Copyright © 2013 James Ryan


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