Part 105

One Hundred Five

Tia looked over at Jenny as both crews trained their weapons on their boat.  Jenny wondered who was aiming at whom, trying to figure how many of the ten guns trained on them were pointed at Tia, and how many were on her…

“I’d think carefully about what you say next,” said Jenny.  “Not what I’d call a friendly crowd.”

“So what the hell is going on here?” Charlie asked.

Jenny took a deep breath and said, “First off, I really appreciate everyone being concerned.  It makes me feel great knowing you both went out of your way to come out for me.  And if you’d actually gotten onto Canadian soil and were willing to shoot up a whole mess of people just to save me, that’d have been something, ain’t it?”

The guns trained on Jenny and Tia stayed level.

“And yeah, you all deserve a lot for doing what you did for me there.  I ju-“

“How about an explanation?” Georgie cut her off.

“All right, all right, jeez.  I can’t say thanks to you first?”

The guns stayed on them.

“Now, as you probably can tell, Tia’s not exactly some university kid from Toronto that just wanted to party with pirates-”

Jenny ignored Tia’s quickly shot look of shock.

“-though I bet she did a pretty good job of fooling you all while she was with us.”

“We know,” said Peter Simon.  “Andy told us what happened in the ready room.”

“You didn’t tell me what happened down there,” she said under her breath to Tia.

“I watched her take out two guys on her own,” said Andy.

“He told us about her,” said Peter, “the way she used fancy fist work to do some serious damage to two bigger fellows, one of which was armed.”

“Damn, was that sweet,” Andy blurted.

Everyone stared at him as his face betrayed the realization that he said something aloud he didn’t mean to, his crimson cheeks giving the moment punctuation…

“Yeah; right,” said Jenny, the first one to regain her composure.  “Anyways, yeah, Tia, not what she seemed.  In fact, that was by design.”

Everyone stopped staring at Andy and turned back to her.  At least now the guns were lowered.

“And in retrospect, yeah, I could have shared what was going down with a few more people, but things like this, you never know who to trust.”

“You didn’t trust us?” asked Georgie.

“More like Shaun didn’t trust anyone.  He trusted me because, well, you all know-  But anyway, Shaun as you all know, he wasn’t about to let Big Bobby or Abe Harker get away with what they did to him.”

“So all that drinking he did, and you two doing all that fu-“ Charlie started to say, but stopped as Jenny stared at him.

“Part of the brilliant plan was to reach out to someone who could get us what we needed, and that’s the means to take him down and make him pay for what he did.  And you got to see here, what came out of the bargain.  Come here, really take a look.”

The crews on the other boats moved towards the bow of their crafts as Jenny took a step back to show them what she bought with her reward.  The West Seneca Crew nearly made their boat so front heavy that she would have gone prow first to the bottom of the lake if Tomo hadn’t noticed and made her way to the stern in a hurry.

“So why did you and Shaun reach out to the Canadians?” Peter asked.  “Why go all the way there when there are plenty of places to get arms like these between Watertown and Windham?”

“What, you think getting tons of stuff like this, that word wouldn’t get back to Abe Harker?” Jenny replied.  “He probably has people all over this side of the lakes looking for purchases like this. Canada was much safer.”

“But so many arms, and so few of you; who was he going to arm with all of this?”

Jenny lost all of half a beat before she came up with, “Well, Peter, had Abe not gotten to Shaun first, that would have been the topic of the second meeting, the one after we brought in the Edward Fitzsimmons.  Because any crew that could do that would have proven themselves up to going after Harker and taking the fight right into his bedroom if need be.  For which you would be doing an act of charity, a good deed, a what-do-call-“

“Corporal work of mercy?” Georgie interjected.

“Yeah, one of those, thanks,” Jenny continued.  “Which, if that wasn’t enough to bring you on board, he would be sweetened by having you keep any weapons we gave you and giving you anything you could snatch and grab, which is a pretty good deal from Shaun.  And need I remind you, that thanks to Big Bobby, that this goes from Shaun’s plan to Shaun’s dying wish, and isn’t there something about meeting a dying wish in the Bible?”

“Actually, no,” said Peter Simon.

“Aw crap,” Jenny muttered.

“But you don’t need to justify through the Bible going after Bobby and Harker.  They came ashore to do him in.  If Shaun met his fate out here, that would just have been the price of business, but if being on land is no sanctuary then we need to go to Cleveland to put an end to this.”

“So when were we going to go after Bobby and Abe?” Charlie asked.

“Well, sooner would be better than later.  In fact, we got weapons, we got boats, it’s still dark out and Abe and Bobby probably think we won’t be coming tonight, so let’s go now!”

In the midst of the clamor as weapons got handed out, Tia said under her breath to Jenny, “That has got to be the fastest thinking on your feet I’ve ever seen.”

“It’s gotten me this far,” said Jenny.

“Hope you got a good one to pull out if we have explain you taking a moment to look for your mom.”

“Working on it…”

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All content Copyright © 2013 James Ryan


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