Part 106

One Hundred Six

The one moment Jenny and Tia had to talk before they got to Harker’s hideaway went very quickly.

“So what happens if she’s there?” Tia asked.  “How are you going to get that squared away, eh?”

“Treat it like a surprise,” Jenny replied.  “We came for the revenge, and we got a reunion.  Should work, ain’t it?”

“Sounds desperate.”

“So am I.”

Tia let a few valuable seconds go before she asked, “And if she’s not there?”

“Crap only knows,” Jenny finally replied.  “Truth to tell, if Mom’s there that’d be a bigger shock to me.”

“So what, then?”

“Harker tells me where she is before I rough him up.”

“Rough him up?” Tia asked.  “You think you can go in there and just make him squirm and expect to go back to working the lake without him sending Big Bobby and the rest of his crew after you?  Why don’t you just finish the job?”

“Between you and me?”


“I’ve never had to just… do it before,”  Jenny finally admitted.

“Do what?  You mean you-  Oh, you mean kill someone?”

“Yeah.  That’s what I mean.”

“How’d you manage that?” Tia asked.  “You being a pirate and all.”

“Well, I threaten I’d do some damage, and if I needed to I’d hurt someone, and they’d stop and give me what I want before I had to go all out on them.”

“So you’re so good at threatening them, you never needed to really show how bad you are.”

“Yeah,” said Jenny, “a victim of my own success…”

The outer harbor lights for Cleveland came into view on the horizon as Jenny trailed.   The thinnest sliver of an early dawn gave definition to the far buildings of the skyline, like the teeth on the lower jaw of a vicious dog.

Jenny took one last good look at the two combined crews spread over three boats, the last piece of calm before it all got thrown away…

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All content Copyright © 2013 James Ryan


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