Part 109

One Hundred Nine

Where Jenny’s footing got steadier, she found the spot on shore where Bobby’s crew had put up resistance.

The smoke placed ashore was dispersing, and she could now make out how things went while she was seeing Big Bobby for the last time, if he was smart.  She counted the number of bodies lying on shore, hoping that there were not more at her feet than the members of Bobby’s New Haradhere that greeted them on the way in.

And with the right number before her and that count set, then came the second look to see if among them had been any of her own…

Her heart stopped when she saw Tomo’s blonde curls on one of the bodies at her feet.  She came over to Tomo to get a better look through the smoke, muttering now that she didn’t need it anymore.

“How you doing there?” Dutch asked to Jenny’s left.

“All right,” Tomo answered before Jenny could, raising her head and propping herself up on her elbows as she replied.

“What happened?” Jenny asked.

“I got grazed by one of these guys,” Tomo replied.  “Bart was like an angel out here and got over me before I took another round.”

“Yeah,” Dutch added as he came into view, “he just dove right in front of her.”

“Why did Bart do that?” Jenny asked.  “What possessed him to be that stupid?”

“Against a shotgun at that distance?” Bart added as he came into view from the right.  “With some extra padding in my coat, it made sense to get in the way before he got off another shell.”

“But getting in the line of fire?  Why, in God’s name would you do that?”

“To get a better shot at him,” he noted as he held up his piece and pointed where the shooter had been, a few yards inland.

Jenny saw where Bart had pointed, guessed the distance in her head, then went with the crazy with an, “O-kaaay…  Anyone else hurt here, and how bad?”

“I’m just nicked a little,” Tomo said as she started to get to her feet.  ”I don’t think anyone else was hurt from our side.”

Jenny re-counted the number on the ground.  “So that’s two of them running inland to be with Harker?”

As she said that, the third boat glided further in with Peter Simon, Simon and the two Jameses aboard, putting them a few yards down coast from their position as their boat headed towards shore over the lightening water.

“Yeah, looks it,” said Tia as she came through the smoke.

“Right,” said Jenny, “let’s end this thing”

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All content Copyright © 2013 James Ryan


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